Search Recap: Halloween and Unicorns

Well, Halloween was a rousing success in that we have leftover candy and I didn’t get any creepy adults trying to ask for candy like I did last year. Let’s make one thing clear, if you’re older than me, you’re not getting shit. There’s a Walgreens down the street, take your wallet and go.

Since I was busy last night trying to get rid of all my Almond Joys so I could keep the good candy for myself, I didn’t have time to work on any drawings, so I thought we’d do another exciting round of search recap! For those of you just joining us, search recap is where I list the funniest search terms people have used to find my blog, I make some random commentary, and then I pass it off as a post. Everyone wins! Kind of!

if my problem was a death star, this article is a photon torepdo

I can’t tell you how many people have found my blog by using this search term, which means a lot of people got this spam comment. Is it weird that I’m jealous?

how to make a flowchart for kids

You probably have to tone down the language and make it sensitive or something, which is why I don’t make them. I got yelled once by a parent who’s kid found my Game of Thrones flowchart because the flowchart was an image and it bypassed parental controls. If your kid has read Game of Thrones though, my flowchart is the least of your worries.

editable flowchart

Sounds like a lot of work for a snack.

sexy vampires

This one is my favorite.

wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would just die?

No comment.

flowchart unicorns

Sounds like a personal challenge.

i will drink today

Me too.

i’m not an alcoholic cartoon

Yeah, me neither.

how do cougars communicate that there hungry


pumpkin carving ideas finance theme

I didn’t know you could make pumpkins boring, but apparently you can.

can anyone create a blog award

As it turns out, yes, they can.

today is not tomorrow


unicorn headache

Does it feel like rainbows and sunshine? Because that sounds awesome.

at 6:55am text matthew martin hey how’s it going. what are you gonna be doing tomorrow?

Did my blog just get accidentally found by Siri?!

your truck is stupid

Yeah? Well I don’t have a truck, so who’s the stupid one now?

i want a flowchart on disease malaria

And I want to never create a flowchart on disease malaria, so I guess we’re at an impasse.




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16 Responses to Search Recap: Halloween and Unicorns

  1. I love search engine terms. So much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. puzzle says:

    Me too, it is mostly good for laughs or at least to write a funny posting. From your searches i love the unicorn headache most, and wonder why unicornes might have such?


  3. Jess says:

    1) I found your website b/c a co-worker has it has her status on g-chat…good marketing!

    2) I started a big nerd fight one time in the comments section of a website for correctly using proton torpedo in the context of Star Wars. Someone tried to call me out and say that those were only in Star Trek, and then a big fight began about photon vs proton torpedos. I am not a Star Wars buff and I don’t watch Star Trek, but it was fun to watch the carnage. So yeah…I can see why people search that and I’m glad you get hits from it!


    • 1) Wow, that’s amazing! (As long as it wasn’t followed by a snarky comment, if it was, don’t tell me.)

      2) Nerd fights/debates are always the best. The sheer ridiculousness is really entertaining.


  4. You know who is an alcoholic cartoon? Charlie Brown, I bet that poor guy drinks like a fish.


  5. hebeindc says:

    someone once found my blog by searching for ‘massive bollocks’. Fair enough, one post featured a squirrel with enormous nuts. Love your cartoons.


  6. Russ Nickel says:

    Somehow the iconic “how can i get my girlfriend to tape her fingers together and pretend she’s a dinosaur” has led to my blog, and I also like “zombies in new york.” How does this stuff happen?


  7. I have received the most visits from people looking for an image of a brick wall. Go figure.


  8. “pumpkin carving ideas finance theme
    I didn’t know you could make pumpkins boring, but apparently you can.”

    cracked me up!
    You get fun searches to find your blog.
    I just get ‘tramp stamp’ and ‘penis’ searches


  9. DewNestry says:

    ‘wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would just die?’
    Why in hell did that get people to your blog?
    Same goes for ‘today is not tomorrow’ and ‘sexy vampires’. I’m quite new to your blog, so maybe that’s why I don’t get it.


  10. Dounia says:

    Hilarious post – had me cracking up from beginning to end!


  11. hebeindc says:

    ok someone just found my blog by googling ‘assman boat’.

    i don’t even know what that means.


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