And the Award Goes to…

One of my fellow cartoonists in the blogging world (I almost wrote “war,” Freudian slip?) has given me the 7X7 Blog Award. Last time I got a few blog awards I decided to make-up my own, and since I don’t want to set a precedent for being an asshole I decided to take it seriously this time (or as seriously as someone who names their cats Wizard and Hang Time can).

(Image created by Reasonably Ludicrous; I just hamburgled it.)

So I’m supposed to answer 7 questions about my own blog, and then promote up to 7 other deserving blogs (the “up to” is important because I’m lazy).

  1. Most Beautiful Post: Probably Things that Make Me Sad, even though I’ve been told by commenters that shoes hanging from power lines are just symbols for drug deals. But seriously, who is the poor kid who has to give up his shoes?
  2. Most Popular Post: That’s easy, my Rapture Flowchart has gotten 277,633 hits, in addition to being cross-posted on many other sites, far surpassing any other post I’ll probably ever have. (Yes, I know it has typos.)
  3. Most Controversial Post: My Rapture Flowchart wins again! Read the comments if you’re bored. A lot of people hate me.
  4. Most Helpful Post: My Gay Marriage Flowchart. I was thinking about tackling the national debt next.
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post: Probably a tie between Hugs Bite (I had no idea you all are as crazy as I am) and Text Beer, which has surprisingly become my second most popular post.
  6. Most Underrated Post: Hm, maybe my Flowchart for Boring Mondays. I made this flowchart before I ever started this blog and it’s sort of the inspiration for the whole thing.
  7. Most Pride Worth Post: I’m going to say my Game of Thrones Flowchart, just because it took me so damn long to make and I actually spent a lot of time finding the perfect quotes and references.

So now it’s my turn to pass on the award to some other fellow bloggers, who hopefully haven’t already won it. (If you have, humor me and pretend like it’s actually a big honor.)

  1. The Middlest Sister: If you aren’t already following her, you’re missing out. Her scrapbook cartoons are amazing and she makes the rest of us bloggers look really lazy in comparison.
  2. Idle Hand Comics: I don’t know if he actually considers himself a blogger, but his cartoons are always poignant and funny.
  3. Electric Sheep: He blogs about his insane dreams and he’s a real life friend, which wins you extra points in my book. Because my book is biased.
  4. Elvis Should Have Been in Joy Division: He’s hilarious and he has a dog named Lola. I only wish he would post more often (hint hint).
  5. Angry Pear: I never knew pears could be so expressive and so angry.
  6. Boggleton Drive: I just discovered him through Freshly Pressed, and I only wish that I had thought of his blog idea first.
  7. Navel Gazing at its Finest: She’s hilarious and I’ve been blog stalking her for a while.

There are at least 70 blogs I follow and not to get sappy but I’m always amazed by the amount of talent out there in the blogging war world. I would promote you all if it took absolutely no work on my part.

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16 Responses to And the Award Goes to…

  1. Congrats, kiddo! What’s it like to be one of the cool kids? 😉
    (I love the Game of Thrones chart the bestest, too…)


  2. underwhelmer says:

    Congrats! Awesome picks by the way. I have to cut Angry Pears from my nominations now. 😦

    On a separate note… Holy-Friggin-Zeal Batman! Some of those Rapture comments are scary.

    *note to self: don’t talk about religion on the internet… ever.


  3. good blog roll call – i found the middlest sister from here- its such a great blog


  4. I do love award posts. I am addicted to reading blogs, and it’s great to have recommendations from friends. And I really did love “Hugs Bite.” Because sometimes they have to.


  5. riatarded says:

    hahah i just gave all of them a follow 😛 Thanks for sharing and and and CONGRATULATIONS! (now i just sound like i am screaming ;/)


  6. Thanks 🙂 That’s a nice boost on a Monday! And 277,633 hits?! Holy cats. I think I would faint at that number. (I get stage fright.)


  7. Russ Nickel says:

    You shall never win the blog war! Even now, I amass my troops at the iron gates of wordpress, and we shall strike you down, hamburglar!

    Also, your cats’ names are awesome. Also, I like how you said “up to” was important due to laziness and then named 7 anyway.


  8. angriestpear says:

    Congrats! Your blog deserves many awards! And thanks for the nomination. It’s kind of funny, because I just nominated you for a different award.


  9. rattoast says:

    Hey, thanks!! If I didn’t have to go through the process of immediately hating everything after I finish anything then maybe I would post more often. I even hate what I just wrote.


  10. FredK says:

    Rae, Congratulations! Thanks for the plug. My wife pointed out that “Pungent” and “Acrid” are also synonyms of “Poignant”……


  11. Thanks so much for the nomination Rae!

    Reading through all the Rapture Flowchart comments made my day. WOW!

    Have a good one,


  12. I feel so special. And amused. The comments on your Rapture Flowchart are golden. GOLDEN, I SAY. I fell in love with some of your commenters.

    I would like to give YOU an award in return. It is this one, right here:

    I know, you are so honored, right? I KNEW YOU WOULD BE.

    (But seriously, thank you, in this case I am pretty dang flattered, because I think you are mucho clever.)(You can tell I’m being sincere because I used Spanish.)


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