Pee Favors

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24 Responses to Pee Favors

  1. Mine won’t try, either. I suspect it’s because he doesn’t love me enough.


  2. puzzle says:

    I miss the line “if you would really love me, you’ld try!”


  3. FredK says:

    It’s a slippery slope. First, it’s “Will you pee for me?” Then it’s “Will you do your share of the housework?” Where will it end?


  4. Ha! We used to say this at the bar… a lot. 😉


  5. all I can say is AWESOME! How many times I have begged my husband to pee for me. He won’t try either. Mostly he just laughs at me. Peeing…what a waste of time! Great post, and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. AniToddSmith says:

    LOL, that made me flash back to my college days when my roommate would ask me the same question whenever she was too exhausted to get up out of the bed to go.


  7. Jamie Pope says:

    I always wished I had that option at 3 am when my bed is so damn comfy and getting up feels like I’m being forced to walk the plank…


  8. Melissa says:

    I feel as if I have missed some vital life experience…I have never thought to ask anyone to pee for me! In fact when I saw the title I thought you were refering to the practice of asking your companion to get or do something for you since they were already getting up to go pee themselves…which I do all the time. I can hardly wait for the chance to try this…I hope I can make the same awesome facial expressions as your drawings!! Love them!!


  9. Anne Schilde says:

    I’m glad it’s still November so I can say that was my best laugh of the month! 🙂


  10. i didn’t read the heading right and first i thought that it was pea favours,like,maybe,when you ask someone to eat your share of peas! :-p


  11. DewNestry says:

    It’s amazing, no ever tries to do that.


  12. Nadia says:

    Weird. My guy always try, but it never works (surprise, I know…)


  13. How can you not love this? That’s like a little girl trying to pee standing up!


  14. MaiBao says:

    LOL. I do this to my sisters all the time!


  15. Storm Rider says:

    lol.. hilariuos! : ) hehe..


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  17. maysea says:

    Okay, I will try this on mine. He’ll laugh it off thinking it’s a joke but I will still try.


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