A Very Selfish Giveaway

In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to a giveaway.

Don’t get too excited though because this is going to be a very special selfish giveaway on my part. Are you ready for this? I’m giving away one of my store items! I know, the anticipation must be killing you.

So here’s the deal. Zazzle has decided some of my items are rated R, which means you can’t see them in my public store unless you have an account and you’re logged-in and have no maturity settings (I’ve argued with them about it, but they said it’s for the children). I don’t want to cause the downfall of humanity, so I’m just going to link to the items in my store below since I assume you are all as lazy as I am.

Here’s how you enter. Just look around my store and leave a comment with what you want. Don’t see a specific product you want? Tell me what you’d like and maybe I’ll make it for you. I’m planning on adding new items soon too, so if you do win and want one of the new additions, we can do that too. Do you really want to win? You can get extra entries by blogging about the contest, tweeting about the contest, and/or posting about it on Facebook (just leave an extra comment with a link to your tweet/post). Easy, right? I’ll pick a winner the evening of Thursday, December 15th and post the winner on Friday.  The winner will have 24 hours to respond before I pick a new winner. If all goes as planned, you’ll have your prize by Christmas.

Here are the items you can win!

Motherfucker Christmas Card (set of 4) (The inside of this card is customizable.)

Art Killed My Baby Mug

I’m Bored Flowchart Mousepad (A personal favorite.)

Keep Calm and Fuck Off Mug (A perfect gift for the boss.)

Keep Calm and Fuck Off Mousepad

Keep Calm and Fuck Off Tote Bag

Keep Calm and Fuck Off iPhone Case

Gay Marriage Flowchart Shirt (women’s)

Gay Marriage Flowchart Shirt (men’s)

P.S. If I only get five comments, I’ll probably be really sad. And do you really want to make me sad just before Christmas?

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48 Responses to A Very Selfish Giveaway

  1. Russ Nickel says:

    Making people sad is my favorite part of Christmas! Wait. Oh no, by telling you that, I’ve done the very thing that will keep you from being sad. Nooooo!

    Can I ask for a random prize?


  2. can I ask for the gay marriage for girls flowchart puhlease!

    by by by how did art kill your baby?


  3. Oh! Or the bored mouse map for work!
    I probably won’t win.

    But those are my 2 favs


  4. leavingthatbehind says:

    It has to be the motherfucker Christmas card.


  5. I simply must have the “Art Killed My Baby” coffee mug. Please, please! Because it did, you know. Not so much baby as ant. That I squashed with an art supply catalog. But it totally counts, right?


  6. amira says:

    how can anyone leave after looking at that big sad eyes??? LOL

    May I please have “Art Killed My Baby Mug”?
    you should see my “innocent” eyes right now 😀


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  8. olletron says:

    You should make some sort of Cougar teddy with a pea in its mouth 😀 but the motherfucker Christmas card is still my favourite.


  9. Saara says:

    Even if I don’t enter, can you please just give me the prize? Please?


  10. battydawna says:

    I’m bored Flowchart Mousepad. BTW – becomingcliche sent me. Well, her blog did. But that counts, right?!?


  11. LisaaLinh says:

    Must have the keep calm & fuck off mug for work! Perfect way to say it without having to say it. Love the items!


  12. Lori J* says:

    My fav are the Christmas cards. I got in a major argument with my husband one Christmas because he put the lights on the tree and refused to take them off (they were pushed all the way to the trunk and pissed me off). I finally took a pair of scissors and cut the motherfuckers off the tree. I think I won that argument.


  13. Me want Keep Calm & Fuck Off mug… it will definitely add to my already dynamic personality at the office!


  14. booksnob says:

    Oh, oh, oh! A set of cards, please? Or the I’m Bored mousepad? Or whatever, because I feel like Becoming Cliche will be mad at me if I don’t wish for her to win. 😦

    (also, I just talked about you last night for a VB award thing. I didn’t post here because I was sure you’ve already received it an untold number of times, but maybe it will help my chances with winning?!)


  15. Motherfucker Christmas cards? Oh. Yeah.


  16. I would TOTALLY win Mom of the Year if I wrapped my iPhone in a a “Keep Calm and Fuck Off” iPhone case, right?

    See — I win … and you win. It’s a literal win-win.


    Please enter me. I mean, my name. And I’m so glad to have just inspired another unicorn birth!


  17. Grace says:

    Love love love the “motherfucker” Christmas cards!


  18. Kathy says:

    Imagine my friends delite when they open the Christmas envelope and see the Motherfucker Christmas Greeting Card! Must have them!!


  19. Kathy says:

    The Keep Calm and Fuck Off Mug would remind me everyday that people suck. I want one please!


  20. mamorose says:

    gotta have the cards, though I love the kcafo mug, too. can I enter twice? If not, enter me for the cards, please.


  21. claudiacsn says:

    so need to check out your links—-when i get home. p.s new fan of your blog. you are too funny and enjoy the morning read when i get ready in the mornings!


  22. I love love love the motherfucker Christmas card! Love it!


  23. Jamie Pope says:

    I’m torn between the Christmas cards and the bored mouse pad, because at my job they block social networking and I feel like the mouse pad could be my form of rebelliion. But the Christmas card is something I can spread joy to others with.


  24. Anne Schilde says:

    I know what I’d like. I’d like to see you draw an entire close-up crying scene to go with those welling tears. That’s an awesome frame!!


  25. Erin V says:

    I would LOVE The Keep Calm and Fuck off mug (especially the travel mug, omg). My second choice is the women’s gay marriage shirt (long-sleeve).

    And I am so going to tweet and facebook about this, because your products are awesome. 🙂


  26. Erin V says:

    Here’s my Facebook post about it: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1166802490&ref=tn_tnmn

    And here’s my twitter post: https://twitter.com/#!/anamchara/status/146822573928361984

    (this is fun!)


  27. I love the xmas lights card and the Art Killed my Baby mug. People in my office would believe it too. Posting on my blog tomorrow morning. 😀


  28. underwhelmer says:

    Stupid “R” ratings… Life is “R” rated. *grumble*

    I shall share this 0n the book of faces, post-haste! 🙂


  29. Anna says:

    I LOVE YOUR STUFF! I also have a Zazzle page, and my biggest seller is a t-shirt with Stalin’s face on. ‘Cus everyone needs one of them, right?


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  31. FredK says:

    I’ll take the “What Would Santa Do” bracelet. (The pewter one with the lobster clasps, not the silicone one.) Or the “I Blew Che Guevara” T-shirt.


  32. Elizabeth says:

    The I’m bored mousepad – for work, definitely!!!!


  33. Sara says:

    Everything on there’s awesome, but it has to be the Keep Calm and Fuck Off mug, hands down.


  34. robertarnett says:

    WAY to hard to pick just one. But the Christmas cards, Keep Calm and Fuck Off mug, or the I’m Bored flowchart mousepad are probably my favorites.

    I’m just saying, that if I got a Christmas card like that, I would send that person a dozen puppies. It’s THAT awesome.


  35. Cat (@racergirl1313) says:

    Love them all but I think the Keep Calm and Fuck off mousepad would be a happy addition to my home office. Thanks!


  36. seabeegirl says:

    I would really love the “I’m Bored” mouse pad, as I have ADD and very little keeps me entertained for long… LOOK! A SQUIRREL!! 😀


  37. Life as Mia says:

    Keep Calm and Fuck Off Mug – that one is awesome…. XD
    I am not in the mood for random talk before I had my coffee, so thats SO me!

    Awesome blog, great idea to have a give away! 🙂


  38. Keep Calm and Fuck Off… Is my new favorite saying! It totally emulates my whole life. Thank you!


  39. KCAFO Mug is awesomes! I loves it 🙂


  40. Bernice says:

    What is better than a Motherfucker Christmas Card?! Honestly, even if I don’t win, I might just go order a good 10 of them. I know some people who would really hate me for sending them one of those. Beginning with my ex and his wife. Glad I ran into this. You just made my Christmas a million times better!!


  41. June says:

    Was für eine schöne Idee, ich möchte auch gerne gewinnen, am Liebsten die Tasche. Oh, you don’s speak german? Sorry. I love your blog and I would even more love to win the “Keep calm and fuck off” Bag. Well, I wouldn’t love more to win than to read your blog. You know what I mean though. Herzliche Grüße von Nina


    • Rae says:

      I actually took two weeks of German in college before I dropped the class because it was too early in the morning. I do remember that you have to capitalize all nouns though, crazy Germans!


  42. I know what you need to sell! Rapture flow-chart T-shirts. Some so-and-so is always predicting the end of the world. Best to prepare now.


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