It’s (Cookie) Science

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21 Responses to It’s (Cookie) Science

  1. YES! In the name of SCIENCE! There is no counter-argument.


  2. puzzle says:

    Cookie-Science is most important! Malicious little things, cookies ….


  3. I am using this argument the next time I bake cookies! 🙂


  4. Hahaha! My husband is a neuroscientist… he pulls that one a lot.


  5. Brilliant. I will be nominating you for CNN Heroes, a Nobel prize for writing (although I’m not entirely sure they accept random nominations from the general world populace), and you are my new favorite blog… and most favorite ever (to date).


  6. …and a nomination for a Nobel prize for science!


  7. booksnob says:

    Now I’m going to have Thomas Dolby in my head all day!

    I do this with cookies, my husband does it with bacon. I guess we’re even?


  8. Alyssa says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs ever in the world. FOR SCIENCE /thunderclap


  9. underwhelmer says:

    For a while, I explained everything I did with magic. Now I’m going to use science. Thank you Rae. Thank you for showing me a new way. 🙂


  10. delicio8 says:

    I knew there was a reason I like science so much!


  11. Julia says:

    This is fantastic!


  12. Have been meaning to stop by for ages. Your posts are hilarious, so simple but so witty and cooool. Yes, I said it, youre cool! ;-P Fantastic art-stories. Make me laugh out loud! Following you now! Great Blog!


  13. marinalisaz says:

    Well, of course! Never argue with science! (Okay, people still do XD)


  14. asoulwalker says:

    So good… so very very good.


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