Only Driver in the World

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29 Responses to Only Driver in the World

  1. I absolutely know where she is coming from. 🙂 Thanks for the chuckle this morning.


  2. You’re so weird….
    But I’ll bet your husband tells you that a lot.
    Happy New Year, and keep the laughs coming.


  3. How about you take the northern hemisphere and I take the southern? That way we can both still exist, but we don’t have to worry about another person’s driving.


  4. amira says:

    … lol … there are days when I wish the road was all mine 🙂
    having said that, i love zooming in and out of traffic, and sometimes racing those who just don’t want someone to take them over 😉


  5. booksnob says:

    Being the only person on the road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Suicidal animals lie in wait for you to drive by so they can throw themselves in front of your car.


    • Rae says:

      Wait, why are the animals becoming suicidal? You’d think they’d be stoked if humans were gone!


      • booksnob says:

        I’m not entirely sure why they’re suicidal, I always just assumed that was what the hopping in front of the car at the last minute was. Perhaps they’re actually homicidal and are hoping to make me crash and die.


  6. Just an unrelated question: Are these two lying in bed? Oh wait, I got it. It’s grass, isn’t it? Sorry, you can go back to your usual sociopathic behaviour now. Oh, and thanks.


  7. I’ve wondered about this before — one of my most treasured fantasies to be honest.


  8. marinalisaz says:



  9. Can we split up by continent or state or province? I, too, have wished to be the only person driving… from time to time; but I LOVE zipping in and out of traffic!


  10. Agent SD says:

    But if you were the only person in the world, there wouldn’t be any cars, because no one would be there to invent them.


  11. The way my kids fight on road trips, I’d be satisfied with being the only person in the car. . .


  12. Jean says:

    Hey, substitute that for cyclist. 🙂 (Send me a blog post whenever you do anything involving a cyclist…..) It’s heavenly peace on a quiet road. But I l like my dearie when he’s around on the bike too. Sharing the road as 2 cyclists is different than being stuck in the car with 1 person’s style of driving/their driving priorities. 😀


  13. anonymously says:

    Your husband is AWESOME.


  14. Boodoomoo says:

    This is how I felt on my drive to work this morning…………………………………………and it just so happens I typically feel this way on my way home! LOL Great post!


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  16. Elyse says:

    I came back after your Oct 2014 post — hilarious to see how “you” have changed!

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