Cover Stealer

I always do end up giving him the covers back, but I have to keep a death grip on my corner if I want to keep mine. I guess my arm is getting tone though.

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34 Responses to Cover Stealer

  1. DewNestry says:

    You should nail it to the bed.


  2. amira says:

    ask him to sleep in the guestroom if he cannot learn how to share 😀


  3. K How says:

    Hahaha! My friends had that problem when they got married. They ended up getting separate blankets. He resorted to stealing her pillow. And then they got a bed hog boxer who insisted on sleeping on their bed with them.


  4. Peggy Isaacs says:

    HA! My husband and I have this same struggle. It gets ugly sometimes.


  5. Rob Rubin says:

    Ha! My wife likes a big comforter and I like a thin fleece. We have our own “countries” now as we call them. Sometimes we have to declare war.


  6. separate checking accounts and separate blankets – the secrets to a good marriage


  7. Elyse says:

    I’ve been a cover stealer since I shared a bed as a child with my sister. I would wake up on the floor next to the bed, completely wrapped up and warm and perfectly comfortable. My husband recently insisted on separate blankets. I still take his though. They’re warm :).


  8. anonymously says:

    make a post about SOPA and PIPA!


  9. I’ve often thought that couples should just sleep in sleeping bags, then no one has to worry about losing the covers…


  10. Nadia says:

    This makes me so happy that we (ie boyfriend and I) sleep with separate duvets!


  11. booksnob says:

    We’ve definitely gone the separate covers route. I decided I didn’t want to share a blanket with him anymore after he took a picture of me (sleeping) to demonstrate how much of the bed and covers I stole.


  12. Angeline M says:

    Incredible how universal this problem is! I’ve always just given one big yank back during the night and that seems to settle things down…..for me 🙂
    I like that sleeping bag idea someone gave.


  13. Sam Flowers says:

    Or there is the alternative of being single. A bleak alternative perhaps, but you do get the duvet to yourself.


    • Russ Nickel says:

      Yeah. I may be just a little bit jealous of people who have this issues. I think I try to recreate it every night by just kicking the covers off myself in a loveless protest. It seems like a good idea until I wake up shivering.


  14. jojo09 says:

    Oh this is too funny! I call those people blanket hogs! it always happens to me too, I will wake up because I’m cold only to realize that the other person took the blanket. 🙂


  15. Jean says:

    Or the comforter sliding to our feet inside the duvet cover. We need safety pins to keep the warm fluffiness higher up.

    At least we both agree to have extra firm mattress.


  16. florkofcows says:

    Haha, very funny, keep it up 🙂


  17. Jay Schwartz says:

    Yes, many mornings I wake up fleeced of my fleece. A bigger problem though is the argument over whether the ‘flat sheet’ goes above or below the blanket. I mean, if I can’t get total ‘coverage’ then at least I ought to be able to demand toasty toes!


  18. I’m telling ya, you gotta have a grip like a vice to hang on to those suckers! I had to show this to my guy and he was not impressed with how closely it fits his own life…


  19. Lori Franks says:

    Make sure you switch arms…you don’t want lop sided biceps!


  20. Love this! Too funny. Exactly how it is in my household!!


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  22. eyeLaugh says:

    Omg Boyfriend is a cover Stealer too!


  23. story of my life. We had separate covers for a while, which would over lap in neutral territory. Currently I just hold on for dear life.


  24. I wake up some nights freezing cold because the husband rolled over and took all of the blankets with him. Getting a king size quilt for a queen size bed has not helped at all.


  25. kat says:

    so true!! love this!!


  26. laurengraceevans says:

    I am guilty of being the cover stealer. My boyfriend tells me that when he tries to take them back I kick him away in my sleep. At least he thinks I’m in my sleep… (evil laugh)


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