Internet Doctor

In my defense, I think I read enough Web MD to at least qualify me as a medical intern. I mean, probably.

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22 Responses to Internet Doctor

  1. eyeLaugh says:

    Doctors just Google symptoms anyways…


  2. My doctor actually recommended that I Google part of my treatment a couple of months ago. So glad I spent money on that office visit…


  3. Before the internet, I was crazy about my mom’s giant flow-chart book of symptoms. You could start at headache and end up ANYWHERE! It was great fun. Like a choose-your-own-disease/excuse-to-stay-home-from-school book!


  4. FredK says:

    I learned most of my medical knowledge from ‘Quincy’ and ‘Diagnosis Murder’. So, inevitably, my symptoms for any ailment I had were caused by someone trying to murder me.


  5. You’ve got funny feet, Rae. I don’t see that problem getting better any time soon. Sorry.


  6. Elyse says:

    It’s much easier to diagnose based on WebMD criteria, and there is no waiting involved!


  7. Anna says:

    I love internet self-diagnosing. I’ve had so many headaches/tumours.


  8. Self-diagnosing using Google search results always pointed me to cancer. So never again!


  9. westonomy says:

    Meh. Going to the doctor is overrated. Much more interesting to figure it out myself. Besides, I think my husband is getting some kinda kickback from our doc, he advises I go in for every little thing.


  10. Jacob Spire says:

    If you’re 2% doctor, then I’m 2% afraid of you.


  11. anonymously says:

    I want to be 100% doctor and since I’m a Biology major, I think I’m at least 45% already. But I do Google if I’m worried about myself having some kind of fatal disease (I have high level paranoia, yup yup, and OCD) and usually I get: severe depression, severe ADHD, severe OCD and cancer. I think cancer is the only physical illness I get.
    Oy ve 😛


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  13. Steve says:

    This is great 🙂


  14. One Mean MFA says:

    Okay, when you’re a girl the internet/google/WebMD also suggests all symptoms mean you’re pregnant. #howtotellthehubs


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