Spousal “Abuse”

On most nights, the Husband gets in bed before me. It’s only a few minutes until I hear him yell my name from the bedroom. This is because he’s just read my newest blog post and he thinks I don’t portray him accurately. Actually, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s yelling at me right now as you read this. He does steal the covers though.

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26 Responses to Spousal “Abuse”

  1. amira says:

    i like the apple 🙂


  2. i get this too.
    All that power… 🙂


  3. Haha, I’ve gotten this a few times. The weirdo 😉


  4. Tell him to take you on a fabulous vacation to conduct research on non-spousal blog-fodder


  5. Paula Turner says:

    I have decided that a snoring spouse is what they mean when they say “irreconcilable differences” in divorce papers. Really, it can truly drive one insane. I would prefer someone wrote about me in a blog. It shows how much you love and think about him.


  6. Is it because he’s actually a pentagon and not a triangle?


  7. booksnob says:

    I love the completely distraught look on his face in the last frame.


  8. I had to make a “solemn vow” before my first post was published to not include loved ones. So far, so good.


  9. Anne Schilde says:

    It’s gonna be awhile before I stop hearing, “You say some messed up shit to me sometimes.” 🙂


  10. Anna says:

    I tend to leave my spouse out of my stories, or if I do leave him in, I tend to turn him into a llama or some kind of kitchen implement so he doesn’t realise.


    • Rae says:

      Oh, that’s a good idea! And he doesn’t usually read the comments, so he’ll never suspect a thing when in my next post I have a conversation with a spatula!


  11. My husband has sworn not to look at my blog. So I shove my laptop in his face occasionally. He thinks that lack of attention means I will get bored and write about something else. He does not realize dog psychology does not work on me.


  12. no spouse so I’ve started a blog about THE ANCIENT ONES (my folks, who (whom?) I live with). mom traded in her laptop for a vacuum and dad only goes to msn news sites, so I’m pretty safe.


  13. 7theaven says:

    Lol it was hilarious reading the post and comments 😛


  14. Zaidamej says:

    Haha I’m sure he’s flattered.


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  16. Heather says:

    This is hilarious. And familiar. “I don’t want to be on your blog!” That’s my husbands redundant chant. Too bad I don’t listen.


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