Skirting Death Dreams

It started off as a typical dream. I was vacationing in pre-industrial Hawaii, as I often do in dreams, and I found out that I was supposed to go to a wedding. I was annoyed because I didn’t have anything to wear, but I made my way to town anyway to find something.

When I got to town though, I noticed a cloud of dust rising in the distance.

And then I knew, in the way that you only know in dreams, that the Riders were coming and they would kill anyone who wasn’t inside a store when they stormed into town.

I was now paralyzed with fear. Literally. My legs stopped working. Why do your legs always stop working in dreams? Anyway, the Riders were getting closer, so I had to drag myself into the nearest store.

I was down to the last crucial second when I finally reached the store and slammed the door. I thought I was safe, but I wasn’t.

I was in a store with the most hideous and tacky grass skirts I’d ever seen and I was supposed to choose one to wear to the wedding. One actually had LED lights on it.

Luckily though, I woke up. Some dreams are just too terrifying to finish.

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18 Responses to Skirting Death Dreams

  1. Hahaha, seeing the last picture, it looks like you would have been better off staying outside.


  2. I have the shoes to go with that skirt.


  3. Swear to God, you MUST be related to my daughter…she has nightmares about Evil Skeleton Puffins trying to kill her. And Smurfs.
    Although I kind of understand the Smurfs….


  4. Funny, I actually had a dream about your blog last night! In it, you created these digital masterpieces– your backgrounds were so exquisitely detailed and precise, it looked almost like a photograph… but you kept yourself depicted as a stick figure, always.


  5. booksnob says:

    Gahhhh, the Rider’s knobbly spine in the last frame is freaking me out.


  6. One of those “out of the frying pan, into the fire” kind of nightmares… Kudos on the title of this post!


  7. Jan Simson says:

    That’s the worst! I hate it when I have to go to weddings, and riders start chasing me, and my legs freeze, and I have to drag myself into a store, and choose a tacky grass-skirt with LED lights to wear for the wedding. I hate it when that happens!


  8. We have very. similar. dreams. Which either means that we should meet, or we should never meet. Because the world might end. In riders and LED grass skirts.


  9. Anne Schilde says:

    I love this one, Rae! Of course I’m always going to be biased for a good dream story. 🙂 My legs always stop working too. I hate that! Sometimes they are slow, or I can’t feel them at all, or there is a giant dog chewing on them… I always wake up with music in my head too, so I probably would have been stuck with Hukilau all day long… in a grass skirt with LEDs.


  10. Russ Nickel says:

    Maybe the riders aren’t so bad and everything would’ve turned out alright. The first rider seems like a happy fellow, and maybe the 2nd one was just giving that lady a knife because she was dealing with a particularly tough piece of steak or something.


  11. Great title, pics, and post! Perfect combo!


  12. edrevets says:

    Some dreams are too terrifying not to finish.


  13. namitalad says:

    hahaha…for a girl it’s really terrifying dream.. you have nothing special to wear for the occasion…i can completely relate to it…more than the monster we are afraid of not finding the perfect dress 😉


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