Married Stalker

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28 Responses to Married Stalker

  1. just get a basement with a good solid door. Thats my plan.


  2. SJ says:

    Aww so cute…haha hope you and your husband had a good valentine’s day! If you celebrate it 🙂


  3. Awwwwww! The cutest stalker in prison! That should be a Hallmark card. Zazzle?


  4. I’ve got a wife just like you!


  5. ‘Seriously, you’ll never get away’. 😀


  6. booksnob says:

    I love the way the smile disappears from his face in the fourth panel.

    Where are you that you’re standing drinking your wine?


  7. Russ Nickel says:

    I’ve been stalking this one girl, but since we’re not married, she thinks it’s creepy instead of cute. What’s with that? Oh well.


  8. Aw. I can relate; my girlfriend always does this cute little thing where she tries to escape..


  9. Very romantic stalker moment… 🙂


  10. Elyse says:

    The eyes are brilliant. I love your drawings — they are so true!


  11. onemeanmfa says:

    This reminds me of a time when I was watching General Hospital and Rick had hidden Carly in a secret room he had built in his house. I believe she was pregnant at the time and no one knew where Carly was and Rick was like the creepiest, most sexy stalker psycho ever. Your cartoon-self, however is not creepy, just cute.


  12. There’s a very fine line between stalking and adoration – very, very fine.


  13. Melissa says:

    Awww…I am getting married in September and I think I’ll add the “Seriously, you’ll never get away” in right after “Till death do us part”!


  14. My girlfriend says I have stalker tendencies.

    Well, she not really my girlfriend yet.


  15. asoulwalker says:

    One of my best friends always used to say to his wife, “the day you leave me is the day I follow you.”


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  18. Smaktakula says:

    Aw, love means never having a moment to yourself again.


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