The Original Angry Birds


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25 Responses to The Original Angry Birds

  1. Ah, but Hitchcock knew already that you better not mess with birds. I fear for the future of mankind. Oops, that actually came out deeper than it was supposed to. I apologise.


  2. Rob Rubin says:

    Wow, you haven’t aged a bit. Lol.


  3. coldskulls says:

    I like this a lot! And to think I actually played this game on the mega drive all those years ago…. haha (or was it master system….)????


  4. I love the look on the dog’s face!


  5. audreydrey says:

    Ah ha ha ha yess. This one’s gonna go viral 🙂 Not that I spend most of my otherwise productive time playing angry birds…


  6. i loved that game. altho it isn’t the dog who shot them really.


  7. Ah. Nostalgia. I miss playing Contra and Pacman too.


  8. Kitty Hun says:



  9. Elyse says:

    I remember when I could actually compete in video games. Sigh.


  10. egerardis says:

    Brilliant as always.


  11. i loved that game. I wish it was still available.


  12. Smaktakula says:

    Someday, my little fledglings, we will rise up and destroy the flightless ones!


  13. reikendude says:

    Good old NES games. The only part you left out was the part where you had to blow on the cartridge ten times before it would work. 🙂 But anyone who played this can totally say that we were fans of Angry Birds before it was cool.


  14. historyromp says:

    wow… that’s so funny…


  15. asoulwalker says:

    The awesomeness of this is astounding…


  16. Reblogged this on Softballprincess12's Blog and commented:
    Angey birds is so adicting but just imagine what this would be like.


  17. Alex® says:


    I miss the good old days, the day when I played this game on my Nintendo 😆


  18. I play angry birds non stop.!!!!!!


  19. Patsy says:

    Haha, the five stages of not saving (and losing work). Oh how many times I have done this….


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