“Did You Cause the Problem?” Flowchart

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately for not posting any new flowcharts, so I came up with my most random flowchart yet, inspired by a weird search that someone found my blog by.


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16 Responses to “Did You Cause the Problem?” Flowchart

  1. If I admit that I might have caused the problem, how much trouble are we talking?


  2. I’m seriously going to use this :).


  3. asoulwalker says:

    Patrick Stewart and the phrase, “horseshoes and hand grenades,” — wow, you get a lot of points for that one. They will be awkwardly awarded by disparate groups who normally don’t socialize, so if the awards ceremony gets a little weird just let it happen.


  4. I need to figure out how to make flowcharts so I can further my goal of stealing all of your ideas.


  5. sj says:

    Now I kind of wish my birthday was January 13th so I could tell people that the day of my birth was sinister. If they questioned me, I’d be all “nuh uh, Rae said so!” and point them here.


  6. Anne Schilde says:

    What if you simply discovered the problem and hung a Do Not Disturb sign on it?


  7. iameno says:

    Reblogged this on enoisme.


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