The Receptionist’s Revenge

My first job out of college was not the glamorous job I had dreamed of. I wasn’t an editor of some small but up-and-coming publishing house. I wasn’t writing articles for The New Yorker.

I was a receptionist.

When you’re a receptionist, people seem to forget that you need your personal space.

People also seem think that you’re their personal assistant just because you happen to answer the phone.

I needed the job, so I couldn’t say anything.

But I had more power than people gave me credit for.

Never mess with the receptionist.

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20 Responses to The Receptionist’s Revenge

  1. lisamather1 says:

    Know EXACTLY what you’re talking about!! lol


  2. Ahh, pet hate – people who think they are better than others just because they are better paid. Urgh!
    You served them right, girl!


  3. Reblogged this on Softballprincess12's Blog and commented:
    This is so funnny!!!


  4. Dirty trick. I approve. Sometimes you have to level the playing field.


  5. Adrianna F says:

    This is evil, brilliant, and downright hilarious. Thanks for the Friday morning giggle.


  6. Connie B. Dowell says:

    I LOVE this one! Great revenge!


  7. sj says:

    HA! The zooming in on the coffee pot – I was hearing the melodramatic music in my head.

    I never understood the point of decaf anyway. Drink something else!


  8. Ah! This reminds me of when I was a receptionist and they would come up front with their lunch order and forget that I needed to eat too! So one day I paid for the lunch and let it sit on the table next to me for an hour. The hot food got cold, the cold food got warm and I smiled to myself. Moo Haa Haa.
    NEVER forget the receptionist. EVER.
    Awesome revenge!!!


  9. Audrey says:

    Power to the peons! I’m an executive assistant who is also expected to serve as a receptionist – ironic, yes?


  10. Laura Jane says:

    HAHAHAH!!! Ohh, I have totally done this! *clapping*


  11. I was just thinking how delicious that pot of coffee looked… then the reveal… decaf… ugh… makes my head hurt!


  12. asoulwalker says:

    This is one of my favourites. I will certainly never mess with you.


  13. Smaktakula says:

    This is great. And in all seriousness, why would anyone mess with the receptionist? I was in sales for many years, and although I dealt with buyers at individual companies, without exception the most valuable contact in ANY company was the receptionist. When you’ve got the receptionist, you’ve got access.
    Echoing the last comment, I will never mess with you, either.


  14. Russ Nickel says:

    Coffee is the only thing that makes waiting rooms bearable!


  15. Oldcat says:

    I don’t drink coffee – I am immune to your super receptionist powers!


  16. timmer says:

    Oh, that is diabolical. Thank goodness our office has Keurig.


  17. riatarded says:

    No No! When you are a receptionist, people seem to forget that you are human! 😐


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