Cat Spoons

Some problems, you just don’t want to fix.

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16 Responses to Cat Spoons

  1. Still better than a kid…


  2. Rob Rubin says:

    That is quite a patient cat you have. If I had a cat it would probably claw me to death to get at the food.


  3. Ha! I’ve done that! Sometimes I think my cats would rather eat from my hand than the bowl. I know they’d rather eat off my plate.


  4. almostartist says:

    I see nothing wrong with this.


  5. For quite a while after we got our dog, she drank very little water. I used to bring the bowl over to her and hold it in front of her to see if she’d drink. So I get it.


  6. my cat pukes after he eats every damn morning.. so I have to dump about ten little crunchy bits in his bowl, wait til he finishes, wait ten more minutes, dump ten more pieces.. etc etc..

    So I totally get where you are coming from.


  7. My kitten was doing that so I started feeding him small amounts, multiple times a day. I just bought him a toy that drops the food out when he hits it. A little harder if you have soft food.


  8. Kitty Hun says:

    Glad to see someone else loves their pets this much.


  9. asoulwalker says:

    Thank you for that drawing of the cat.


  10. camgal says:

    Very patient cat!Lol


  11. Heather says:

    Arg! Animals and their maintenance! Drives me to drink.


  12. underwhelmer says:

    Love it! Wife and I are huge cat people. 🙂

    I think we did the exact same thing with Other Cat this morning.


  13. Jay Schwartz says:

    I had cats. I don’t have them anymore. This is most likely why … also the (gack gack gack) fur balls were an issue I could have done without. I’m very happy with my ‘pet rock’ now (spoon feeding not required). 😛


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