Bathroom Suggestions

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13 Responses to Bathroom Suggestions

  1. jojo09 says:

    hahahah this is so great! it happens to me all the time… It really is contagious.


  2. I believe the problem is that men can’t just use the bathroom and be done. For them, it’s a major enterprise, reading, philosophise about world peace and the thickness of shoe soles… Never mind that there might be others possibly needing the loo for a wee.


  3. Elyse says:

    Thanks for a funny start to my day!


  4. Rob Rubin says:

    Lol. He was in there a long time for a guy.


  5. Oh my goodness this is so true! This happens to me like everyday as soon as my boyfriend hops into the shower I realize I need to pee…


  6. hahaha! My mom used to say “Speak now or forever hold your pee!”


  7. Yep, this happens :). Or when someone says: ‘are you hungry?’ and you reply ‘no, not really’. Twenty seconds later you’re very, very hungry and you don’t dare to say it anymore :).


  8. Sara says:

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.. 🙂


  9. Audrey says:

    It IS contagious! Although, I really wish my guy would offer to let me use the bathroom before he does. He has a tendency to drop nukes right before I have to go…


  10. Bindu John says:

    This is really true! Enjoyed it.


  11. I think it IS contagious. You don’t think you have to go, until someone asks you. Same goes about being hungry. Don’t believe me? Lets try: “Hey are you hungry? No? Oh ok, well I am. I’m going to stop at this really nice little sandwich shop that sells the BEST grilled cheese. I don’t know what all they put in there but it’s really buttery and gooey and so good! I’ll prob. get some cinnamon bears later. Sure your not hungry?”


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