Movie Reviews

I don’t know why I bother trying to see movies in the theater anymore. We always end up rating the movie experience instead of the movie, and the rating is always angry.

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15 Responses to Movie Reviews

  1. so true. although i figured out the best seats when you buy online in our local cinema (not that we go often)


  2. You should come to our theatre in Jersey (all of us at work at the same movie theatre in South Jersey). We are such snobs that we drive regular people into movies for regular people and people that look smart or cool into the movies we like. Obviously there are some movies (like the Nolan Batman flicks) that everyone ever is going to see; but we can almost guarantee that as long as you don’t mind being a snob, we can protect you. As long as we aren’t feeling too lazy or didn’t all take off to drink in my backyard and left the seventeen year olds in charge.


  3. That is so true I can’t figure out if I should laugh or cry. Great illustrations, too!


  4. AMEN! It’s true that I’ve picked a few stinkers in the last year (“Drive” and “John Carter” come first to mind), but I agree that I don’t define the difference between the movie itself and the experience of seeing it. Great post!


  5. Rob Rubin says:

    We are going to attempt to see The Hunger Games this weekend. I’m bringing brass knuckles.


  6. My movie experience hinges on the popcorn. If its good I can stand just about anything, even sitting next to annoying people but if it’s bad, well then everything just sucks!


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