Robot Marriage


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13 Responses to Robot Marriage

  1. hahahaha yes! robots should marry!
    but never procreate, that would be odd.


    • Once they start procreating, that’s when they come for us. Skynet is active and Arnolf is still alive for them to copy his features and voice into their computer systems. And our cell phones are beta tests so see how well humans can be controlled by small, unassuming machines.


  2. I dunno. My laptop has TWICE now robbed me of Spider Solitaire wins by not dealing the full decks. I expect a little bit of deceit from humans now and then, but robots should be programmed better. I don’t think I could enter into a union with something that couldn’t understand my emotional response to being deprived of my win. Laptop, I hope you’re listening now.


  3. She shoots, she scores!


  4. gojulesgo says:

    “We’re here, we’re gear” – genius! Le sigh, off to do the dishes (seriously)…


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  6. Anne Schilde says:

    This is great! There is a robot wife out there on video somewhere already. Why not a robot husband? But when two robots want to get married I’m picking up a sign. You gotta draw the line somewhere.


  7. fringewalk says:

    I ❤ the style of your illustrations! Their eyes are so expressive!


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