My Tree

A lot of people get attached to inanimate objects, but I have a thing with getting attached to pieces of landscape. The last apartment I lived in sat on top of a hill and every morning I would cross the street and wait for the bus. While I waited for the bus I sat and looked at the house across the street, and just behind it was an amazing tree.

Since we were on a hill, the tree actually had a clear sky behind it, which was a stark contrast from the regular city view. Without even thinking about it, I became really possessive of it.

My tree and I had a bond. Everyday I would watch it, and I felt strangely proud of it.

Then, one day I went out to wait for the bus like normal, only something was different.

Out of nowhere, my tree just disappeared. I thought I would have felt it leaving, but there was no warning. It was gone.

Every day when I waited for the bus I would get angry. I developed a hatred for the owners of the house that obviously cut down my tree.

Not too long after this though, I moved. This time, I was sure to get attached to something I would be less likely to lose.

Unfortunately, I live on a large fault line, but at least I won’t have to blame my neighbors if they go missing.

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15 Responses to My Tree

  1. Ha! I just thank God they can not cut down the clouds! There are many wonderful figures drawn up there with that fibrous white paint!


  2. Monica says:

    I would have missed the tree too.


  3. I’m planting about a billion maple trees in my yard right now due to laziness. You’re welcome to have a million of them.


  4. I still miss My Waterfall, which was a man-made series of tiled steps that I could see from my grandparents’ house, and My Cats, which are no longer visible where they were painted around the mouths of storm drains along the L.A. River.


  5. Have you tried potting a tree? It’s easier to be possessive. You can even go all primal and pee on it just to mark it as your own. Not that I have.


  6. Russ Nickel says:

    Haha. I love the angry possessive face. In fact, I like that drawing so much that it is now “my drawing.”


  7. asoulwalker says:

    Your angry possessive face has got to be one of the best ones yet. Thank you.


  8. lindigo says:

    There’s this fun mural I drive by every day to work and it always makes me smile…until some jackass tagged it one day. After that, all I felt when I saw it was bitterness at mankind. After about 6 months of seething hatred, I tracked down the artist to get permission to restore his painting to its original goofy glory. He was out there the next day, and all was right with my world again.


  9. Anne Schilde says:

    I know it wasn’t intentional, but I still loved “the house that obviously cut down my tree.” I really wanted to see a picture to go with it.


  10. jackmcc07 says:

    Strangely, I have the exact same fascination with a tree near my apartment. I’ve seen that tree go through the chilly autumn, the harsh winter and now it’s doing just splendidly! Sadly though, I moved out today and so have had to say goodbye to my leafy friend. I have felt your pain.


  11. fringewalk says:

    >.< Bastards.
    I have a tree that i used to pass every day on the train on my way to work. Well, it used to be a tree, now it was kind of a rotted trunk, and another thinner one next to it, and it was shaped in such a way that (to me) it resembled a happy witch with a staff in a cool witchy-cloak thing. I started to look forward to seeing it and would always look out for it too and from work.
    I moved far away from home and returned a couple of years ago. I was delighted to see my witch, gloriously unchanged in our years apart, as steadfast as ever.
    Not in my case (because it's dead and more to do with the shape) but maybe our attatchment to trees is to do with the passage of time, illustrated beautifully in their routinely changing seasonal dress? Or their seeming permenance? Maybe that's why you got so annoyed when they stole yours? Just a thought?
    Anyhoo, i'm new to this blogging lark, yours is the first i've really sat down to read, and i really like it, thanks! Your cartoons are awesome too!


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