A Portrait of a Cat as a Young Lemur

I really just wanted an excuse to draw my cat and a lemur.

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14 Responses to A Portrait of a Cat as a Young Lemur

  1. historyromp says:

    I’m sure you did


  2. That is incredible!


  3. Elyse says:

    That’s undoubtedly how the cat appears to herself.


  4. Monica says:

    That’s cool!


  5. Is your cat particularly primate-like? One of my cats is half human, which is pretty messed up, but he is pretty freaking sweet so it is ok.


    • Rae says:

      Sometimes he pops his head up and really has a lemur-like look to him. He’s definitely acts like a person sometimes too, especially in the way he sits.


      • Ha, I have never really though of my cats as having lemur qualities. Usually when they do something unique its because the three of them are stalking the dog like a pride of lions or they’re doing something insanely human, especially my male cat Loki who acts exactly how I want to act in any situation but can’t because of social norms.


  6. sj says:

    I feel lemur-ish, how ’bout you?! Man, I miss Zoboomafoo. 😦


  7. Katrine says:

    What a cute cat! It kinda looks like my cat 😀


  8. Anna says:

    The end result was simply entirely worth it 🙂 I toast you a toast with my bucket of toast!


  9. Great drawings, looks very nice. Prefer the cat though 🙂


  10. gojulesgo says:

    And I’m so glad you did! This series belongs at MOMA. Or better yet, on my wall. Like immediately.


  11. kallmaker says:

    Wonderful! Though for your own sake – if your kitty gets to your blog, you might want to have drawn it in reverse, so that the lemur disappears and the kitty of course remains. Kitties can take these things kinda personally. And then they poo in your shoe.


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