We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So

I wanted to do a tribute to Maurice Sendak, who passed away yesterday. His illustrations and stories carried me through my childhood and his views and honesty on life have always been something that have stuck with me. It didn’t turn out as good as I pictured or hoped (that’s why I draw stick figures), but I spent quite awhile on it so I figured I’d put it up anyway.

“I believe there is no part of our lives, our adult as well as child life, when we’re not fantasizing, but we prefer to relegate fantasy to children, as though it were some tomfoolery only fit for the immature minds of the young. Children do live in fantasy and reality; they move back and forth very easily in a way we no longer remember how to do.” -Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012

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15 Responses to We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So

  1. Rob Rubin says:

    It’s a lot better than I could have drawn.


  2. Paula Turner says:

    Thanks for sharing. My son, who is 22, loved Where the Wild Things Are so much growing up -he dressed up as Max for Halloween, he called himself Max – and he had an amazing imagination. The book sparked something in him that lives on today. It is a great loss.


  3. Lovely tribute, and the quote is perfect.
    It’s a joy to introduce the Grandkids to his world, just like it was with their parents…


  4. photo2life says:

    That is amazing. Very nice tribute.


  5. Aw, this is an excellent tribute! I just checked out “Higglety Pigglety Pop” to re-read in his honor.


  6. LWSpotts says:

    Beautifully done…could not be better.


  7. sj says:

    I love it, but I would have also loved a stick figure tribute.

    Just saying. ❤


  8. gojulesgo says:

    So glad you posted it – it’s awesome!


  9. kallmaker says:

    Perfect! Thank you!


  10. Russ Nickel says:

    He was a great man.


  11. He will be missed. Enjoyed the tribute.


  12. Anne Schilde says:

    Two pictures that will live in my mind all my days are of Max workin his hoodoo fingers to hypnotize the Wild Things, and of Little Bear (Else Minarik) in his cardboard box space helmet with twigs for antennae. ♥


  13. abraalani says:

    Your drawing is well done. It’s a great tribute.
    “there is no such thing as fantasy unrelated to reality” — Maurice Sendak


  14. Beautiful and poignant! Sendak’s WTWTA is my all time favorite!


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