Talking on the Phone

I hate talking on the phone. It’s not the phone itself I hate, just the act of talking on it. Getting a missed call is the worst. It’s like a chore that you can’t even bribe someone else to do for you.


Pretty much the only call I’ll answer is if it’s a relative, and that’s only because blood is thicker than my perpetual stream of annoyances.

The real problem is both my husband and I hate talking on the phone.

You would think that technology would make taking phone calls easier, but things like Skype and FaceTime have actually made them even worse. You used to be able to look your worst and still be in bed, but now there’s an expectation that you’re supposed to look nice on the call too. At least I still have text messaging.

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37 Responses to Talking on the Phone

  1. Ells says:

    Yay, it’s not just me! I hate the phone, and skype too. Luckily, my husband doesn’t mind making calls, but he does try and encourage me to use the phone though, so the ‘who’s going to call?’ argument is very familiar. Texting is so much easier!


  2. Rob Rubin says:

    I love the idea of spam for phones. Would solve so many problems for me right now.


  3. I order my pizza ONLINE! Because I, too, hate talking on the phone. Our answering machine broke, and I should get around to replacing it, but I haven’t. Because it means I don’t have to return any calls.


  4. If they really wanted to talk to you, they’ll call back…
    I have that phone phobia thing too…it’s gotten better over the years. But thank God for online pizza orders!


  5. theoriginalsimonb says:

    I try to do all my stuff by email (or straightforward online, especially for pizza) these days. My excuse is that I might need proof of the conversation bu the reality is I hate phones too.


    • Rae says:

      I usually order online when I can. I got so annoyed the other week when I tried to order Indian food online and their system was down. I didn’t even have the choice of just going hungry because it said it charged my credit card but my order didn’t go through, bullshit!


  6. angriestpear says:

    Hahahahahaha! I can so relate to this!


  7. Scott Nagele says:

    Add me to the list of people you will never have to speak to on the phone. Let’s never call each other!


  8. Me too! I spent a few years as an “administrative assistant” and had to be on the phone every day. I got used to it after a week and didn’t mind the phone so much, but now that I am a recluse… er, stay-at-home-mom… the phone is awful again.


  9. I never return calls. my phone also sends me msgs 3 hours later.
    it works out well


  10. hannahrose42 says:

    Returning calls is pretty much the worst thing in the world for me. I hate it and can’t bring myself to do it. I text the person back — even if they used a land line. That way I can claim that I tried getting a hold of them.


  11. sj says:

    After 8 years of not being paid enough being on the phone all the time, I have no interest in talking to anyone ever again.


  12. LWSpotts says:

    It’s like you crawled into my head. I hate talking on the phone, and even more on Skype. I would much rather text, email or FB, but there are a few holdouts in my life that refuse to get on board with those technologies. Gah!!


  13. I hate the phone too. I keep my voicemailbox full so that people can’t leave me messages and have to text me in order to tell me important stuff. It works pretty well…


  14. After working a grueling job where I was doing “loyalty and retention” for a cell phone company that I shall not call out and dealing with screaming and irate customers, I despise being on the phone!! If you can text it, text please and if you can email it….even better!! I don’t even think I am opposed to morse code coming back….lol!! My poor voice mail stays so full until I am just forced to delete them and thanks to modern technology, I don’t even have to listen to them! Lol! Kudos to visual voicemail! 😉


  15. Smaktakula says:

    I didn’t realize that a hatred of making small phone calls was so universal. Me too.


  16. I hate the phone! I answer it all day at Job #1, so when I’m off the clock I rarely answer a call – it can go to voicemail. I would much rather be texted (alerts are silenced… I get them when I get them) or emailed (I check my emails when I want to). It’s not like I’m anti-social, I’m very personable – in person.


  17. I think you might just have found the common thread amongst all of the people who read your blog!


  18. Zaidamej says:

    Making phone calls are the worst! I wish you could just text your doctor and schedule an appointment of text your order to take out. Some places you can order online, though


  19. mycraftcave says:

    i agree!!! it’s intrusive, loud, demanding and more often than not … annoying with far too many soliciting phone calls day and night. i’ll join the not talk on the phone together group 😉


  20. vandysnape says:

    I hate cellphones too.. The problem is I should always come up with an excuse for not attending calls and right now I’m running out of excuses .. Great Post 🙂


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  22. knotrune says:

    Wow, thanks so much for this post! I always thought I was weird for disliking using the phone, but not only you but so many of your followers are like me too!! 😀 I’m lucky that my husband doesn’t mind the phone and most calls are for him anyway, I only have to answer if he’s out or on the toilet 🙂


  23. Jodie says:

    Good thing you can now order pizzas via the internet, no phone call required. 🙂


  24. gojulesgo says:

    Yes! I’m the SAME way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “You call and I’ll pay” to my husband. A voicemail is truly a burden greater than being the Chosen One, like Harry Potter. All he had to deal with were dementors and a mass murderer.

    Hilarious, as always 🙂


  25. SR says:

    Omg,that is so true! I hate answering the phone,even if i do answer,there are a lot of awkward pauses.Somehow,Facebook/social networking has totally ruined it for us i think.


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  27. AniToddSmith says:

    So totally relate to this post! I hate the phone part of the phone.


  28. Michelle Gillies says:

    I can’t tell you how much I hate talking on the phone. However, my husband is constantly on the phone. He talkes to one buddy of his 4 times a day for half an hour each time. What can these old dudes possibly have to talk about so much. He also likes to call me on his way home to tell me about the traffic he is in. It is torture!
    I love your illustrations, you have a gift.


  29. olletron says:

    Oh my god, I’m with you absolutely. I’m terrified of phone calls; I’ll only answer to mum or dad which is pretty embarrassing if anyone ever goes through my call history. I just showed this to Luke (my partner) because the last part is EXACTLY us. What got me was the ‘fine, but you owe me’ which is the thing that one of us would say, despite the other’s financial exertion. Great post, as always!


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