Deserted Tropical Pools

When I was a kid, I loved swimming in the swimming pools that had the fake waterfalls and all the plants around them.

The only problem was that I liked to pretend that I was on a deserted tropical island, which was an issue because the only way I got to swim in one of these pools was if I was invited over. This could be part of the reason why I had a problem making friends. Some people might say I was a weird kid, but after growing into an adult, I have to say, my childhood self was onto something with that deserted island idea.

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11 Responses to Deserted Tropical Pools

  1. I always pretended I was Jacques Cousteau… yeah, kids thought I was weird, too.


  2. westonomy says:

    I love weird people. A certain case of pots describing kettles I’m sure.


  3. Go Jules Go says:

    Ha! Amen. But I want to go a step further and go to one of those hotel rooms in Mexico where you can step from your balcony right into a lazy river. You don’t have to deal with anyone, AND you can drink.


  4. I think you should market those bathing suits!


  5. They were awesome.
    I know.


  6. asoulwalker says:

    That first frame is amazing.


  7. Anne Schilde says:

    I’m pretty fond of water jets.


  8. Oh a kindred soul! I was such a water baby too…it was a wonderful, aquatic world of wonder and I was a mermaid. I did, sometimes, allow other children to enter my watery fantasy though…I guess I was just lucky that we were all a bit ‘weird’ 😉


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