Stuck in Traffic

How fast you feel like you’re driving directly corresponds to how long you’ve been sitting in traffic.

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13 Responses to Stuck in Traffic

  1. It is ALWAYS a matter of perspective.


  2. Michelle Gillies says:

    Isn’t that the truth!?


  3. sj says:

    Gah, I used to drive a manual transmission in the Orange Crush on the 91 freeway. There were a few times traffic was so bad I was limping when I got to work because of all the shifting/downshifting I was forced to do. NEVER. AGAIN.


  4. Elyse says:

    Summertime, and the traffic is hea—-vy …


  5. Anne Schilde says:

    Nice with the $10 worth of gas disappearing!


  6. asoulwalker says:

    You are so wise…


  7. Except when you realize traffic is due to a bunch of rubberneckers who have apparently never seen a car get pulled over before. Then I’m more like Godzilla, out to crush their puny asses going 15 miles an hour for no good reason.

    BUt I don’t have road rage. (cough, cough)


  8. Anna says:

    This is why riding donkeys is a preferable alternative. If you get bored you can always pet them 😀


  9. Caasi Tica says:



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