How to Not Sleep

How I sleep at a show with loud music.

How I sleep in a quiet bedroom.

I don’t get my body.

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10 Responses to How to Not Sleep

  1. Russ Nickel says:

    I know!! I can never sleep normally, but whenever I go to a lecture, I’m out.


  2. You’re just young at heart. Like, really young. Newborn babies’ systems kind of shut down when there’s too much stimulation. They go right to sleep when it’s chaotic and noisy.


  3. Elyse says:

    The best sleepers I know are ones who grew up sleeping despite a noisy environment. My son was so good at sleeping through the ferocious barking of our German shepherd that I had his hearing tested fearing he was deaf. He is not. But he will sleep through Armageddon, and that may turn out to be a good thing.


  4. Michelle Gillies says:

    Quiet bedrooms are the worse.


  5. westonomy says:

    Fans. Gotta have one to sleep. Makes it tough to travel though.


  6. And you’re young yet. I hate to tell you, but it doesn’t get better.


  7. Go Jules Go says:

    Hmm. Maybe marry a musician? I did; he’s deaf and likes to sleep with the TV on, so it’s like a rock concert every night!


  8. estellehakner says:

    I definitely think my face looks like that at night. Most frustrating thing ever.


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