Let Me Eat Cake

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13 Responses to Let Me Eat Cake

  1. Quite hilarious :D.


  2. You are living my life. With better art. Stale cake is still MY cake.


  3. Michelle Gillies says:

    Exactly! Heheheheheh


  4. sj says:

    “I was going to eat it, where is it?!”


  5. My husband has learned the art of letting it sit for over 24 hrs. If it isn’t eaten, he can ask without possible beheading. Half the time I say No!!!! with dramatic anguish, and the other half of the time I say “Why haven’t you eaten it? Do you hate my cake?”


  6. QueridaJ says:

    i make sure to cut a slice and put it in a container at the back of the fridge…or else it disappears without a crumb 😦


  7. knotrune says:

    Hey, at least he asked! My husband just eats stuff I was planning to eat and the first I know is when it’s not there 😦


  8. kallmaker says:

    LOL! Yeah, sometimes it’s like…huh? Seriously? You’re asking me that question? Are you going to ask about having the last Lindor truffle next?


  9. Anna says:

    I tend to eat all the cake to stop my boyfriend thinking he has a chance.
    This is probably why my thighs are now made only of cake.


  10. riatarded says:

    The last piece of cake always belongs to the woman of the house! Am i right? or am I right?


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