On Buying New Cars and Spray Tans

CON: Not being able to be able finish a blog post before I leave on vacation (all text posts somehow feel like cheating for me).

PRO: I’m sorry.

CON: Remember how I talked about how bad my week was? It got worse.

LESSON: If you try to use your car with a failing transmission as a trade-in, it will undoubtedly completely fail while the mechanic is test driving it (see Murphy’s Law).

CON: Car salesman will always try to make you feel bad about how badly you’re ripping them off.

PRO: I’m also good at that game, being a lady with a delicate constitution (*wink wink*).

CON: Unless the salesman is so good at the game that he just made me think I’m good at it too but really still took full advantage of me.

CON: Thinking too much.

PRO: New car.

CON: Car payments.

PRO: Going to Hawai’i.

CON: Being really white and convincing yourself to get a spray tan.

CON: The possibility of looking like Snooki.

PRO: Laying on a beach while thinking about your coworkers being at work.

CON: Flights that board at 6:30 a.m.

CON: Snooki.

PRO: Tropical drinks.

CON: Money.

PRO: Getting drunk enough to forget about money.

PRO: Also, sea turtles.

PRO/CON: I’ll be on Twitter occasionally if you miss me (assuming my phone doesn’t completely die). Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, mes chéris!

P.S. CON: Having a very limited understanding of French. I’m just going to hope I didn’t call your mother a cow or something on accident. (Ou comme disent les Français, d’un accident.) (I think.)

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10 Responses to On Buying New Cars and Spray Tans

  1. Have a great time! And enjoy the new car. Will it be flying you to Hawaii, because that’s what I expect from my next car.


  2. Buying a car just sucks…new, used, cash or finance.
    Drink lots of stuff with cutesy names and little umbrellas…and forget you ever heard the word ‘Snooki’.


  3. Elyse says:

    PRO: All new fodder for your awesome blog.

    PRO: Time to relax and NOT blog.

    PRO: Hawaii.

    Have a blast!


  4. westonomy says:

    Snooki, bwahahaaa! Hilarious.

    We’ll miss you while you’re gone and won’t laugh if you come back orange. Much.


  5. Michelle Gillies says:

    Pro: Go. Have fun. Forget about all cons.


  6. France always reminds me of the movie Better Off Dead and their french style dinner “french bread, french fries, french dressing, and to drink, Peru!”


  7. Anna says:

    Have an awesome time! 😀 We’ll keep the blog warm whilst you’re gone and stop the ninja ferrets from invading.


  8. I see car salesmen and Snooki as one in the same. Have fun in Hawaii!


  9. underwhelmer says:

    The sea turtles make it all better. Down a few cold ones for me. 🙂


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