What I’d Like to Blog About

I’ve been bad about blogging lately. Sometimes I have an idea for a post, but I have such great expectations for it that I can never really make it look the way I want it to look. So it just sits in my drafts file. Sulking.

Also, my days are pretty normal. I wish I could come and write, “You’ll never believe the traffic I had while riding my triceratops home. Can you believe some people still drive SUVs?”

Or, “I saw a homeless zebra today.”

At least I’ll always have my goat story. If I ever find a zebra in my backyard though, I will flip my shit.

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21 Responses to What I’d Like to Blog About

  1. The bad thing about blogging is that it takes so much time, time you can’t spend on activities anymore, and sooner or later nothing happens anymore in your life and then you’ve got nothing to blog about :).


  2. I know it’s exciting to ride a triceratops to work, but we’ve got to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.

    I hope you share with us what’s hiding in your drafts folder! I bet we’d love it!


  3. I love bloggers talking about blogging. My problem is that there are days or weeks when shitty things are happening, and I can’t write about it because there are shitty people involved that would know they’ve made my life shit. So I shut down. I’m one of those freaks that loves the silly blog – the daily check-in. Whatdya have for dinner tonight? Did you forget to water the flowers? That’s the kind of stuff on my blog – I’m not saving lives here. But even that stuff is hard to get out when I’m in a funk or angry at someone. I’ve got to learn to either shake it off – or just let it out! What I really just wanted to say was – hang in there!


  4. Michelle Gillies says:

    Your “reality” is better than my “expectations”. Works for me.


  5. I’m trying to perpetuate your #goattweets…. and I think we all have the same complex about the high expectations in our head and the reality of what we really post. It’s all good. If I could draw as well in reality as I do in my head – I’d…. I’d…. have a lot more drawings.

    BTW – I’m glad I don’t have the food bill for your triceratops.


  6. sj says:



  7. Arlene says:

    That’s one sad looking zebra…I’m give him some change. You always make me smile, sometimes you make me gaffaw, chortle and snort out loud!!


  8. timmer says:

    Ahhh, I’m the same way when I illustrate on my site. I usually end up yelling at my drawing program “NO. A HORSE, LOOK MORE LIKE A HORSE!!!” and then I give up and just make a post with a cat.


  9. nguyetm17 says:

    I was surfing the blog at 3:30 in the morning, and I was so happy when I saw your post. I’M BAD AT BLOGGING, too. I used to have a blog which was so well built-up. But then I quit blogging.Welcome to Facebook.Now I can’t leave Facebook. That’s pretty bad. However, sometimes, when we don’t know what to post, funny pictures are the great choices. You did a right thing today. Thanks for the humor at 3:30.


  10. Caasi Tica says:

    Yeah…You are so RIGHT :)!


  11. Yep. I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I can go months without posting anything. Sometimes they just aren’t as good as you want them to be.

    Also, I’d give that zebra a dollar and not make him do the horse thing. He’s been through enough, it looks like.


  12. Anne Schilde says:

    Will horse around for blog material…


  13. cbrown4103 says:

    Reblogged this on Cbrown4103's Blog and commented:
    i totally understand this sometimes its hard to think of things to write about if you day is always the same you go to work or school come home then come home and do nothing. How are you suppose to think of anything entertaining to write about? No one wants to hear about the same boring routines everyday. I always say i need some excitement in my life..maybe if everyone got hit by kryptonite and got super powers like on smallville life could be more exciting but that’s just not reality.


  14. asoulwalker says:

    Yore still awesome.


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