Toilet Paper Fantasies

Sometimes I wish this is how my toilet paper becomes unrolled.

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19 Responses to Toilet Paper Fantasies

  1. don’t we all. although i do enjoy the game of swipe the roll until you find the end (sometimes the end is firmly stuck so there is a lot of swiping)


  2. Wait. It’s not? Are you sure? Then what’s with the hoof prints in my bathroom floor?!


  3. angriestpear says:



  4. Elyse says:

    That would be especially helpful given the fact that the folks at Charmin have started super-gluing the top sheet (and the end one) down.


  5. puzzle says:

    oh, unicorns – I am sure, it is them, who spread the toothpaste all over the place after making their horns shine!


  6. westonomy says:

    That’s what cats are for.


  7. Michelle Gillies says:

    Oh, it’s a purple unicorn, that does that. The colours just leave yuckier messes.


  8. Audrey says:

    And here I thought it was fairies…


  9. Hahaha! Beautiful job with the unfurling!


  10. Hope he doesn’t get the end wet, euh! 🙂


  11. 0205ameliab says:

    I love that unicorn. May I name him Pablo?

    And on an unrelated note, what do you use to make all these images? 🙂


  12. asoulwalker says:

    You made Pablo purple… nice.


  13. Anne Schilde says:

    Haha! The title on this one was really hard to click, Rae!


  14. In your case I assumed a rogue goat…


  15. alirthome says:

    i love that i had to scroll to find out it was a unicorn. Bravo 🙂


  16. Katherine says:

    I know my cats are naughty.


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