Friday update! And what will soon be known as the most aimless post ever!

I’m busy, like, a lot. In my last 40-hour work week I think I worked about 50. This has been a dramatic change from my usual more lackadaisical week. I suddenly had to realize that, oh yeah, a job. I guess there usually is work involved sometimes. Usually.

And now we should all take a moment to reflect on how amazing of a word “lackadaisical” is. I think this is actually the first time I’ve written typed it. Not only is it spelled amazingly, but it feels magical to say.

Let’s look at the etymology: From the archaic interjection lackaday, lackadaisy.

Lackaday? Ok, sir word, you have my attention. Tell me more.

Lackadaisical [ˌlækəˈdeɪzɪkəl]adj

  1. Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.
  2. Lacking vitality and purpose.
  3. Lazy or idle, esp in a dreamy way.

I’m not sure what I’m more struck by. That one can be carelessly lazy (as if laziness were ever thoughtfully planned) or the state of being lazy in a dreamy way (I assume we are all thinking the same thing here*).

All of these things are good reasons to like this word. And so I tell you now to go forth and be lackadaisical this weekend, preferably in a magical or dreamy way. Anonymous blogger’s orders.


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5 Responses to Lackadaisical

  1. W. R. Woolf says:

    Lackadaisical always makes me think of “lackadaisy” a webcomic about mafia-type-cats
    It’s both funny and has some very nice art 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    This was a wonderful post, made even more epic by the inclusion of Nyan Cat at the end. It’s like all my dreams of spelling and internet cats have suddenly merged together into some sort of insane drug-induced happiness.


  3. nguyetm17 says:

    This is a very funny, very interesting post and “lackadaisy” is a very hilarious word. Sometimes, I have a feeling that time flies crazily fast, and I am just so busy with school, works, and all the other unnamed things. Being lazy sometimes will be reward, a pause for life. I will plan for my lackadaisical weekend now.


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