I’m Probably Procrastinating

I was going to work on a blog post last night, but I had an emergency. And by “emergency” I mean the husband and I went out to get sushi. And by “getting sushi” I mean I got sushi and he got teriyaki chicken. More sushi for me. I have a plan this weekend though to carve a goat pumpkin of epic goat proportion. And while I was thinking about that I got into some Sharpies. Sharpies will be my downfall one day, I fear. That, and games on my phone.

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7 Responses to I’m Probably Procrastinating

  1. JenLlama says:

    Ahhahahahaha I can’t even fathom how many minutes of my existence have been lost to bejeweled!


  2. queenbree63 says:

    What JenLlama said! Bejeweled is bewitching, bothering and bewildering– but that’s never stopped me.


  3. I’ve got about ten blog posts in my head that will probably never see the illuminated glow of a computer monitor. Thanks for reminding me!


  4. avistyle89 says:

    Diamond Dash and Temple Run! They have Lready caused me to almost get hit by a bus several times…any day now shall be my last…


  5. Michelle Gillies says:

    Ohhhhh, Bejewled. I haven’t played that for awhile. I wonder if it is still on my PC? I’ll just take a quick look. It’s still there. Maybe one quick game before I comment …


  6. Bejewled and Sharpies? Some days, I think you’re my daughter’s west coast doppleganger…


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