Crooked Teeth


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11 Responses to Crooked Teeth

  1. rynnasaryonnah says:

    This reminds me of my aunt! She thinks the same way!


  2. Sometimes it’s what we don’t say…


  3. Word! I have a “thing” about teeth… it’s diminishing as Mother Nature plays cruel tricks on women as we age… but, yeah. Straight teeth are a “thing”.


  4. I had straight teeth after teen braces, and then something happened with my jaw and I got weird spaces inbetween my teeth. My choices were to use my mouth as a slot machine (you could pass a nickel through my bottom teeth, have my JAW BROKEN and wired shut for six months, or have braces again. It’s tough being in your midthirties with braces. Again. I got the permanent retainer, just so this could never happen again. I don’t think I could handle braces in my 50’s…


  5. Soul Walker says:

    “just the way you are…” it is so great how context changes everything…


  6. I did braces when I was 50 and it wasn’t so bad. At least I knew I really wanted them and no one had to fight with me to keep everything clean and flossed! And I think it was worth it. Having said that, I have a wire (permanent retainer) on the top teeth and sleep with one on my lower teeth every few nights. Funny how they forgot to mention that when I was getting the braces!


  7. Ha, so funny you should post this now. The other day, we bumped into my Mom’s neighbour who had never met my husband before. A few days later I got to listen to my mother’s account of her neighbours ranting and raving that went along the lines of “What a handsome man, beautiful eyes and such beautiful teeth!” All I could think was “horse trader”.


  8. stereotypical1234 says:

    Funny blog, I came, I saw, I followed! 😉


  9. jishifruit says:

    I thank the gods that my friends seemed to have forgotten how I looked like pre-braces. I still have them after two years. :3


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