First Instinct

animals 1animals 2animals 3animals 4Always trust your first instinct.

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22 Responses to First Instinct

  1. Hahaha, animals are way better than people, aren’t they? 😉


  2. speaker7 says:

    Sound advice. People are dangerous. You never know if they’re rabid or not.


  3. Oh that’s awesome. – and so me, too. I love the shadows! Nice touch.


  4. Hahaha! I love it. Your header looks great!


  5. Awesome. Also, last night I thought, “Oh, I hope there’s a new post on Peas and Cougars tomorrow.” And here it is, so hopefully Tuesday will be better than Monday.

    Oh, I’ve jinxed it. But this post still exists.


  6. Michelle Gillies says:

    Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. You’re spot on that most people would chat away to the animals and look the other way while passing a person on the street. Put them all in an elevator and see what happens.


  7. Humans are the worst.


  8. MB says:

    I am like that, especially with acquaintances! I just feel awkward making small talk.


  9. Ven Detta says:

    Wanted to drop by to say how much I love your posts, and I especially love the new header and the snowfall effect! Thank you for sharing your awesome talents and humorous stories (Yes, you have talent, and yes, you’re funny!), you make my week!


  10. Soul Walker says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! (that’s me laughing)


  11. Maggie says:

    I’m the exact same way. I talk to all the animals like we’re old friends but as son as a real live human is in my vicinity I play dead and hope they leave me alone.


  12. sophiewho says:

    Always the animal lover!


  13. Anne Schilde says:

    Why is the other girl thinking, “Make eye contact, make eye contact…”? And why does she have blonde hair disguised conspicuously as fly-paper with many hapless victims? I’m sensing something subliminal here… Be forewarned. You are next on my catch up list.


  14. Ha ha ha! This is brilliant! This is exactly what I am like too! 😀


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  17. aprelskaya says:

    ahaha it’s my copy)))


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