Artificial Winter

freezer 1 freezer 2 freezer 3 freezer 4 freezer 5

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11 Responses to Artificial Winter

  1. lucky you! i miss warm cmas


  2. Michelle Gillies says:

    It has warmed up again here so still no sign of snow for me. I may be sticking my head in the freezer soon as well. 😉


  3. Raining and almost 50…in New England.
    The movies lied.
    Curse you, Bing Crosby!


  4. recklesslovely says:

    Finally snowing here


  5. Elyse says:

    Isn’t Christmas over yet?


  6. I would love a snowy christmas…as long as it immediately melted back to 65 degrees the next day.


  7. Anne Schilde says:

    I decided this year I was going to collect all the ice off my windshield… which, you know, takes a credit card or something to scrape it off. I have a 13 inch snowman in my freezer… and no available credit cards. Thank God it’s January!


  8. kerilady says:

    Christmas without snow is very dull and I’m lucky to live in a country where there’s almost always snow on Christmas. I’d be more than happy if the snow would melt away by the end of January, but it never does.


  9. Haha! That’s what it’s like every year in Australia at Christmas! Love your blog by the way. It’s hilarious, reminds me of Hyperbole and a Half.


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