A Very Expensive Bonus

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Not that I’m ungrateful, but a shirt doesn’t pay the gas bill. Plus, I can’t help but think that my style is somehow being mocked.

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11 Responses to A Very Expensive Bonus

  1. W. R. Woolf says:

    Perhaps your employers get a discount if they buy gift cards in bulk?
    I’m not quite sure if that should make you feel any better about getting a shirt for the gas bills…


  2. Bah! Gift card bonuses are horrible (unless they are for a grocery store.)


  3. you should have found someone who likes shopping there and sold them your gift card for half the price.. win/win!


  4. frenchroast says:

    I have a movie gift card bonus that I got over a year ago that I have yet to use. Because I had a ridiculous commute to where I work, and of course they got it from a movie company that has no movie theaters near where I live. Also, I changed jobs, and don’t go anywhere near where I used to work.
    At least my boss this year gave me an Amazon card. Not for a lot, but that I can at least use.


  5. Animockery says:

    Could be worse, our company sent out cards “signed” by the CEO. They were all the same and said “thanks for your hard work and dedication”. The punch line was to lay-off 10% of the staff a week later. I cannot complain though, somehow I got a pay increase and still have my job. (pay increase was unrelated to the christmas card…)


  6. At least you got a bonus… my current employer is the first I’ve ever had who handed out xmas bonuses, plus I got a nifty giant coffee mug.


  7. You should have sold the gift card online! There are companies that would’ve bought that and you would’ve then had money for your utilities! 🙂


  8. Soul Walker says:

    I love the frame with you bending over looking at the mail… something about the picture is just great– but so is the last one with you at the bar.


  9. People don’t want gift cards for bonuses. Especially to stores that are overpriced. I would have been pissed! There’s these funny things called checks, that just have money on them. It’s not a thoughtless gift when it’s for an employee.


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