Of Ants and Men


ant 1 ant 2 ant 3 ant 4 ant 5 ant 6 ant 7 ant 8 ant 9 ant 10 ant 11 ant 12 ant 13 ant 14

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12 Responses to Of Ants and Men

  1. Sometimes when it rains, little ants get in the house.
    If it was one or two it would be ok. But ants are much wiser than humans.
    Forget individualism. They know there is strength in numbers.


  2. Poor little dears! I vacuum up the ants until they stop following in their little trails. It’s vacuum season twice a year at my house.


  3. aw. that is brutal. can’t you just get a pet spider?


  4. There’s a bait we use that eliminates the first wave within a couple of hours. I’m not a big believer in using chemicals, but it’s the only way to get rid of them around here.


  5. Soul Walker says:

    I love the way you drew your hair in the last few frames.


  6. Anne Schilde says:

    I love the ant over his fallen buddy on the battlefield. It’s so heroic! ♥ Which… what the hell. We’re probably all getting wiped out by the great paper towel in the sky, right?


  7. I found your blog randomly and I just wanted to say that I love this post! Good job on the artwork and it was entertaining! Very cool 🙂


  8. Pixie Girl says:

    This is just too good. I’ve left a bunch of likes, will be coming back 😉


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