My Murderous Cat

killer 1 killer 2 killer 3 Killer 4 killer 5 killer 6 killer 7 killer 8 killer 9 killer 10killer 11

  killer 12

This is a completely true story, and it’s how I know my cats really love me. They could kill me, but they choose not to.

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17 Responses to My Murderous Cat

  1. beverlyq says:

    By that definition of love, a lot of people love me! 😉


  2. addercatter says:

    Wow… remind me to never piss my kittie off!!! Lol


  3. my cat only eats. i’m dubious


  4. Soul Walker says:

    I fully understand.


  5. speaker7 says:

    I think cats consider killing us on a daily basis. And then they get distracted by the furnace kicking on or the wind or a microscopic piece of dust.


  6. Cymneorith says:

    That’s hilarious, my cats used to do things like that to me all the time, especially when walking up the steps. O_O Many times I almost died.


    • Rae says:

      My cat sitter complained that one of my cats almost killed her by walking so close to her feet and almost tripping her, but I told her if you’re holding a can of food, your life is forfeit.


      • Cymneorith says:

        Yes, I made that mistake a couple of times. And once I literally got attacked, my cat jumped on my back with its claws protruding. The scar is gone now. >.>


  7. I think your kitty and my kitty have a secret killer handshake.


  8. rawanaa says:

    Lol! But I still want to have a kitty. Loved the graphics by the way!


  9. LucyBre says:

    I knew they were evil!!


  10. loucyo says:

    LMAO! You’re going to kill me, LOL! This is EXACTLY what I tell one of my best friends about her cat. I am SO HAPPY someone shares the same point of view regarding how shady cats are.


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