Make Your Taxes Sexy

Last night I was trying to think of a funny Valentine’s Day post, but then my cat crawled into my lap and that was that.

I’ve never really cared about Valentine’s Day that much, mostly because in high school I was too much of an introvert to get a boyfriend, and then when I finally got a boyfriend he was older and out of high school (scandalous, I know!). I told my husband (not the same man as scandalous boyfriend) that for the first Valentine’s we had together after we were married he had to get me flowers, and then he was off the hook for every Valentine’s Day after that. (I actually only really wanted flowers because I just got a new job and wanted to prove to everyone that I was cool and popular. True story.)

Usually though we use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to go out to dinner or drink an absurd amount of cocktails, but today I was actually just thinking that, Man, I need to get our taxes done. Maybe I could do them tonight? SEXIEST VALENTINE’S EVER!

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13 Responses to Make Your Taxes Sexy

  1. queenbree63 says:

    You’re a die-hard romantic, I see. 😉
    Funny story about getting flowers the first year to impress your coworkers. I can relate.


  2. We are sexy Valentine people, too. I told my husband I thought we should spend the evening in bed. Reading. Because I have three books I am trying to finish.


  3. actuaria says:

    Reblogged this on Actuaria's Blog and commented:
    Hmmm, not exactly my take on valentine’s day but love the idea of making tax sexy 😉


  4. sj says:


    Also, my taxes are already done and filed and accepted. Hate all you want.


  5. Anne Schilde says:

    I wrote a story about getting a Valentine so I could say I got a Valentine. I’m kinda weighing that with the flowers to impress co-workers…


  6. LA says:

    LOL, for half a second, I thought the TurboTax ad below your blog was part of the blog.

    My husband and I went on our first date the day *before* Valentine’s, so we just go out to eat then. I still make him get me chocolates on Valentine’s though, because I like chocolates, and it is a good excuse to gorge on them. I get him chocolates too, and this year, I also got him socks. (Super romantic gift, I know).


  7. osherb says:

    Hey love the comics! Especially the diet/food one! Be sure to check out Drop a comment!!


  8. Soul Walker says:

    The idea of taxes being sexy fills me with many mixed emotions…


  9. Yeeeah. I gotta do mine still….


  10. she who has no filter says:

    you there. i’ve nominated your ass for the liebster award. your instructions to be followed can be located in my blog post “something that doesn’t suck.”
    should you choose to accept.


  11. The bigger the refund, the sexier the holiday!


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