A Little Friday Droll

Still househunting and experiencing an enormous amounts of ups and downs. This whole experience would actually be a lot easier if I could figure out how to turn the “hope” button off. Or if I just figured out how to acquire a large amount of money. Seriously though, there should be a sign above every open house that says, “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.” I can totally sympathize now with everything Dante went through. I mean, to be fair, some of the circles of hell sound a lot nicer than some of the houses I’ve looked at, but then Dante’s never been to East Oakland.

Anyway, still attempting to try to find something. Yay, uncertainty!

And this is random, but ModCloth has a dress called “Blossoming Broadcasting Career Dress,” and I had to share it because, what?! I actually think the dress is kind of cute in a first date kind of way, but this whole whimsical fad is going too far. And you’d never see men’s clothes labeled that way. Can you imagine a store selling a shirt for a guy called, “Flourishing Sales Associate Polo?” No. No, you wouldn’t. Sometimes a girl just wants to buy a shirt and hold the side of cute, please. I blame Zoeey Deschanel and puppies.

Ok, I’m going to stop whining and go do something more productive and go buy my lottery ticket. Is there an app that can help me pick numbers? If not, can someone help me create an app that picks your “lucky” lottery numbers? I’m serious.

Crap, I just looked and someone already made one. I hate this game.

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12 Responses to A Little Friday Droll

  1. When we were house-hunting the last time, we despaired of ever finding something big enough/the right price/without a toilet hanging through the ceiling. It was awful. One listing had strategically taken pictures online that managed to disguise the fact that the roof was missing.We even put an offer on a house in short-sale, and we didn’t hear from their bank for three months.

    I feel your pain. I would like to say that the house for you is out there, but I am afraid you might stab me with a fork. I hope you find what you’re looking for soon!


    • Rae says:

      Thanks! Missing roof?! That’s crazy! My favorite is when they take pictures with a fish eye lens and make tiny little rooms look gigantic. I know we’ll probably eventually maybe find something, but I sort of wish I could fast-forward to then!


  2. bobcomeans says:

    My wife went to Colorado and said she wasn’t coming back until I found us a house. Her “hope” was shattered everytime we looked at one together. It took me three weeks, but I finally found a house. I didn’t tell her for two more peaceful weeks after that! Keep my secret please…


  3. House-hunting is a soul-sucking enterprise…so hard not to be worn down, and settle for something, just to be DONE with it…My daughter and I just looked at one that, from the photos, was on a shady, serene, quiet lot. In reality, the front door was about 10 feet from a busy 6-lane road…

    And that dress – seriously? For work? Saturday Afternoon cocktails at an outdoor cafe, maybe…and not to be sold to any woman over the age of 40.


    • Rae says:

      Yeah, the pictures can be especially deceiving. It’s good to know everyone else has the same experience (and it seems like most people eventually get a house, so that’s reassuring).


  4. Hang in there. I haven’t looked for a house in 13 years, but I feel your pain. It’s a mix of hope, excitement and disappointment with each listing and walk through. However, I think that if you buy the dress and go to an Open House – it will all work out, right?


  5. Anne Schilde says:

    Oh man. East Oakland. You have to have special furniture made to fit through the doors there. I think the dress is adorable! …in a someone-else-could-wear-it kind of way.


  6. I have been in broadcasting for years and have never…
    1) heard of a broadcasting career dress
    2) met a broadcasting person young or old who can be found in the garden, tending to their vibrant collection of perennials.
    3) seen any one wearing a dress like that.

    House hunting is supposed to be fun yet I hear more horror stories than happy endings. We found our new home because the owner died. He drove through a car wash with his car and when he came out he was dead. It was an extremely unexpected turn of events that sadly worked in our favour.


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