Seriously, Hang in There

Most people like silly inspirational stories. At least, I assume most people do because I see people posting them all the time and there’s never any winky faces to hint that they might be joking. Sometimes the only way I get through the day is to pretend that everyone on Facebook is a master of sarcasm.

I’ve never found any of these inspirational stories to be especially inspirational. They make you think that if someone is telling you that they don’t like you it’s only because they playing a little word joke because they actually *love* you.

This doesn’t happen in real life. If someone tells you they don’t like you, they actually probably hate you. People downplay the bad, not the good. That’s just science.

If I wrote my own inspirational memes or greeting cards, I’d want them to actually show you something real. If someone tells me to “just hang in there,” I want to know why, damn it.

Just Hang in There

A fiery pit is a good reason to “just hang in there.” If someone had told the kitten that there was a fiery pit, it probably wouldn’t have started messing around on a skinny branch to begin with.

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20 Responses to Seriously, Hang in There

  1. Dakota says:

    I love all your posts and cartoons! Yours is one of my favorite blogs to view, I think what you write about is rather cute and funny. Thanks for making my nights at work a little more enjoyable.


  2. My first lol of the day!


  3. Bojenn says:

    I wonder if the inspirational quotes aren’t actually mass mind control, seeking the behaviors of the masses to be subdued snd then conquered.

    Signed, paranoid…


  4. Awwwmost kitty flambé! Ha!


  5. Lol, you are deliciously hilarious! I totally relate to the hopes you have for people in your Facebook feed.


  6. QueridaJ says:

    Awww I was hoping to scroll down to more…hee hee my friend always questions me abt how time can be sweet when i say “look at him, just taking his sweet time”


  7. bonzoWhale says:

    “Sometimes the only way I get through the day is to pretend that everyone on Facebook is a master of sarcasm.” Wow, I need to try that! It’s like that time when I mentally replaced every quote-image with an image of Hitler (it changes everything).


  8. Anne Schilde says:

    This is what I imagine you look like after you take one of those ghost pepper challenges.


  9. Soul Walker says:

    I really feel that a lot of kittens miss this day in school… mostly because they are busy getting their eighteen hours of sleep and can’t be bothered.


  10. underwhelmer says:

    So I haven’t popped in for a while and I”m an awful blogger friend. 😦

    But here’s a fun fact… that motivational poster was originally from the 70s and that kitten has been dead for decades. I’M JUST A GIANT RAY OF SUNSHINE. 😀


  11. beincognito says:

    Reblogged this on beincognito and commented:
    Inspirational take on Inspirational stories..


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