The Future is Polygons

CON: Last week was a shit-tastic week.

PRO: It made me think a lot.

CON: Humans make me sad.

PRO: But they are also my primary source of happiness.

PRO: The weather is really warm and beautiful.

CON: Ok, maybe a little too warm.

PRO: The husband and I have a psychic connection though because he brought home ice cream without me asking.

PRO: I feel better eating ice cream when I’m not responsible for its delivery.

CON: I realize that that’s probably not healthy thinking, but, whatever, ice cream.

CON: There’s nothing on tv.

CON: Except for new Sci Fi show “Defiance.”

PRO: I’m somewhat of a Sci Fi horrible movie aficionado.

CON: That last one might be a con.

CON: Ok, it’s seriously a con, but if you ever need advice on giant crocodiles or flying spiders or something, I’m your lady.

PRO: Have you ever noticed that the future is really into polygons?

CON: Everything futuristic in this show is either a hexagon or an octagon. Even skin. I never knew a hexagon could kind of gross me out, but yeah.

CON: I would be a terrible person to send as an ambassador to another planet.

PRO: The future also has Ikea cabinets.

PRO: Dexter’s old wife is the mayor.

CON: The polygons have not been able to get rid of teen angst yet though. Will fathers and daughters ever be able to understand each other?! amiright!

CON: Yeah, ok.

CON: This post probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but just trust me on the polygon thing.

PRO: Seriously, go buy some polygon stock right now. Your children will thank you.

CON: They are playing a Nirvana cover in the episode. I quit.

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11 Responses to The Future is Polygons

  1. chrisdeputy says:

    I like this – different, and funny. Congratulations!


  2. Oh NO! You get sucked into those bad c-rated movies on Syfy (“siffie” for the unenlightened) just like Mr. Muse? You poor thing!


  3. My future seems to have no angles at all, just one giant pear shape.


  4. Just made a sticky not for the fridge. “Buy Polygon Stock”. Let’s see who asks me about it first.


  5. This made me smile, like a lot! 😀


  6. sj says:

    We can totally watch those SyFy Original movies together.


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