Watch Cats, A Little Different than Watch Dogs

watch 1 watch 2 watch 3 watch 4 watch 5 watch 6 watch 7

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16 Responses to Watch Cats, A Little Different than Watch Dogs

  1. avpp2610 says:

    Reblogged this on avpp2610.


  2. speaker7 says:

    I 100% blame my raging paranoia on my childhood cats.


  3. I hate it when they hiss and stare at a wall.


  4. That’s not that different from our dog, but we’re reasonably sure that she’s part cat. So maybe it’s that part.


  5. Combine cats with small children and you have the perfect storm of staring into space creepiness.


  6. Just don’t go to the window! I know there is something out there! Whatever you do don’t go to the window.


  7. Try having a watch bunny! It doesn’t help that his eyes point in different directions. WHERE ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING, WATCH BUNNY??


  8. Ha, ha! You’ve captured the essence of cats perfectly!


  9. Yup. That really is what they do. I get especially creeped out when two of them stare at the same area of nothing. It makes me positive that there’s some sort of demon lurking.


  10. Still more useful than my deaf dog.


  11. My sister’s cat constantly stares at nothing in the room. It’s creepo.


  12. Eda says:

    I got this one figured out. They’re not actually looking at anything. In fact, they’ve just had a divine thought that needs a moment of contemplation before they go back to licking themselves. And they will NEVER share that thought with you.


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