Hiding Chocolate

chocolate 1 chocolate 2 chocolate 3 chocolate 4

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21 Responses to Hiding Chocolate

  1. Dakota says:

    I always love looking at you comics, I think they are great 🙂 can’t wait for the next one


  2. Three words for you. Empty. Tampon. Box. He will never, ever know the chocolate was in the house.


  3. katyhancock says:

    This was brilliantly adorable


  4. Oh My, I do believe becomingcliche is professional at this. I would follow her instructions explicitly. I wonder if this will work for potato chips?


  5. Crazydoglady says:

    I’ve tried hiding it, but it doesn’t work. When I go to the current hiding spot it’s always gone.


  6. gina4star says:

    haha, brilliant! 🙂


  7. eholmeswest says:

    It’s classic. Love It


  8. It’s as though you were a fly in my kitchen…Love your posts!!


  9. This is hilarious! Let’s just say it’s a familiar conversation lol!


  10. You hide chocolate. I hide chocolate chip cookie dough. That man just burns through my dough. The kind I use a fancy block of dark chocolate and fancy vanilla for. >_< So I usually tuck some away in the freezer. Because it's MINE, dammit. I have stopped just shy of taking a tub of Pilsbury and putting it in a plastic container to trick him…


  11. I’ve gone a step further and put my candy up in a locked toolbox. Everyone knows it’s in there. One wife, 4 kids and not enough (of my special dark chocolate) candy to go around. Am I am mean or just a smart daddy? Comments welcome.


  12. Anne Schilde says:

    I love it. Embarrassment is the new guilt! When I was little, I “hid” ice cream, which you know… you can’t hide in a freezer, because anyone would look for it there. It leaked out of the cupboard and all over the kitchen floor…


  13. aryasimici says:

    Reblogged this on aryasimici and commented:


  14. Enbee Geminian says:

    This is so me.


  15. loucyo says:

    No judgment – I would probably do the same thing.


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