Creepy Breathing

creepy 1 creepy 2 creepy 3 creepy 4 creepy 5 creepy 6 creepy 7 creepy 8

It’s almost as bad as snoring.

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23 Responses to Creepy Breathing

  1. puzzle says:

    I fully agree.


  2. Narky says:

    What is it with men and their stupid creepy breathing?


  3. My husband does that weird thing where he rubs his nose into his pillow, left, right, left, right… It’s a really soft sound but in the small hours of the morning it sounds exceedingly loud and totally prevents me from sleeping. Urgh!


  4. i like it when my partner breathes a little like a pug. its cute.


  5. It is definitely as bad as snoring.


  6. lolamouse says:

    This is spot on!!!


  7. Oh my God this made me laugh. Mr. Weebles does this. He doesn’t snore, but the breathing. It’s just so…annoying.


  8. I TOTALLY agree. And I’m certain that I NEVER breathe creepily.


  9. Frenchroast says:

    Dude! I thought my husband was the only one! Though at least he stops when I poke him.


  10. Eda says:

    My husband makes a high whining noise as if he’s a hamster being chased by a cat. Most unnerving.


  11. It IS as bad as snoring!


  12. DUDE! I made a post about my husband’s own breathing patterns a while ago. When he asks me why I rolled him over I call it his Darth Vader impression…


  13. lalarukh1 says:

    Lol this is soooo funny Lol burst out laughing 😛 You are doing a fantabulous job really The drawings are so awesome ! Loved your work.


  14. storyofalice says:

    Not as bad as snoring, but very, very funny! I love your drawings!


  15. kristinaheartspink says:

    It could always be worse however. The worst is the huuk-shooooo sound.


  16. Soul Walker says:

    The sheet shading is just so good on this I don’t even know how to praise it appropriately.


  17. This happens at my house.
    Kkkkk…. shhhhkkkkk…. shhhkkkk….

    But I’m sure my snoring is worse/prettier to type.


  18. trees7861 says:

    That made me smile —- it reminded me of my husband. However, it can be due to sleep apnea. Was about to say have this checked, then I realized it’s just cartoon.


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