multitasking 1 multitasking 2multitasking

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23 Responses to Multitasking

  1. There’s got to be money in that somewhere, right?


  2. That’s not easy! There is a lot of balancing going on there.


  3. speaker7 says:

    That requires some serious foot dexterity.


  4. hucaresabout says:

    Reblogged this on Hu Cares About… and commented:
    Yeah tots I multi task 🙂 LIKE THIS….


  5. Hey, I should put that on my resume!


  6. Every job I apply for states they want someone who can multi-task. I am the mother of four, of course I multi-task.


  7. Midnight says:

    I have, literally, done this before.


  8. Ha! This cracked me up because my husband makes fun of me all the time for doing things with my feet when I run out of hands. He calls me “Nimble Toes.” lol


    • Rae says:

      If only we had thumbs on our toes, we could be even more productive… monkeys really got the upper hand on us on that step of evolution.


  9. katyhancock says:

    This is my absolute favorite one yet!


  10. Soul Walker says:

    This is just fantastic. Thank you.


  11. Elyse says:

    I actually have “juggling” listed on my resume.


  12. Le Clown says:

    I can poop, read The Oatmeal and whistle all at the same time… all while I ignore my daughter setting the cat on fire.
    Le Clown


  13. Anna says:

    That’s better than I can do, any multitasking thing I attempt usually ends up with some form of arson.


  14. Genius! We should do more with our feet, think of all we could get done!


  15. johandp says:

    That’s pretty much every cat owner in existence, including me 🙂


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