In Which I Break Down the Last Two Weeks of Ignoring My Blog

Monday, July 15: Our offer on a condo an agent “promised” to us is rejected in favor of a last-minute cash offer. I decide I hate all people with cash.

Tuesday, July 16: I find out a friend is in the hospital and very sick. I call the hospital, no she’s not allowed to receive flowers. I have a bad feeling.

Wednesday, July 17: Still feeling depressed about the last two days. Also, I have to show the house I’m living in because it’s on the market. Did I mention we don’t have a new place to live yet?

Thursday, July 18: I play Rihanna’s “Stay” on the piano, she’s singing along on YouTube. It’s really cheesy and it strangely makes me feel better.

Friday, July 19: Husband and I eat chocolate cake and watch Arrested Development. It’s a good night.

Saturday, July 20: We go to an eight and a half hour first-time homebuyer class to qualify for a downpayment assistance grant. It’s as terrible as it sounds.

Sunday, July 21: We clean all morning and then leave because the house we’re in has an open house. The neighbors are having a bbq and the whole house smells like bacon. I’m pretty sure this will be a selling point.

Monday, July 22: Work is very busy and we’re short-staffed. I decide I don’t like work very much.

Tuesday, July 23: My friend in the hospital has cancer. Very very bad cancer. I get a worse feeling.

Wednesday, July 24: I go to the grocery store after work and buy corn dogs because screw this week.

Thursday, July 25: I contemplate what kind of wine goes best with breakfast for dinner. I find a lot of websites discussing the same thing, and I feel a little more hope for the world.

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30 Responses to In Which I Break Down the Last Two Weeks of Ignoring My Blog

  1. quickstepp says:

    Yikes. Rough two weeks. But every valley eventually must ascend into a peak. Sending positive vibes.


  2. Elyse says:

    Sorry that life sucks at the moment. And a nice fruity wine goes great with waffles or pancakes.


  3. So the zesty man is the sauza man too? sppppiiicccyy!


  4. ksbeth says:

    so sorry, this is a lot. especially within such a short time frame. my fav part was your cake ‘n arr dev night. nothing much better in this world. sorry about your friend and it’s hard to feel helpless. for your breakfast dinner, i’d recommend a nice maple wine. hope it gets better from here )


  5. Honie Briggs says:

    Not having commented here before, I wanted to let you know that I clicked like, not because I like that things seem to suck for you right now. I don’t like that. I’m sorry about it actually, because I too have experienced looking for a house and being given the shaft by a seller who accepted a cash offer and living in a rental that was for sale. I was told by the homeowner’s agent that I needed come home to remove all the shoes lined up inside the front door because she had a showing that they hadn’t bothered to tell us about ahead of time. I don’t know how she got my work number. I told her to bite me, that’s where our shoes go and I wasn’t coming home in the middle of the day because she wanted to show the house on the spur of the moment.
    Whew, I may not need to make another comment here for a long time. My most sincere wishes that your friend will find comfort and that you have a better week, find a house you love, and have waffles and wine anytime you like!


    • Rae says:

      Thanks for your comment! I don’t know what’s worse, trying to find a new home or dealing with the home you’re living in being on the market. I got a call a few weeks ago where they wanted to show the house at 9:00 in the evening when I was home alone. Yeah, no thank you.


  6. Eda says:

    Poor you. I can relate, having just been through something similar. At least we’re still creating unicorns.


  7. Ugh! I am so sorry! I hope you find what you’re looking for soon!


  8. I have a fear of actually owning a house due to my fear of having to fix stuff, so I can’t flashback to my own pain on that score, but the rest of it I’m totally feeling you. It sucks. I found that when I had a similar day, I got tired of platitudes. I just wanted someone to agree it epically sucked. I am here for your negativity needs.


  9. Ah, Jeeze…when it rains it pours…
    Sending Good Thoughts in your direction.


  10. katyhancock says:

    Annyong! Feel better 🙂


  11. speaker7 says:

    Yeesh, that sounds like a crap week except for the part about the house smelling like bacon.


  12. Sorry, Peas 😦 That is a rough two weeks. I hope things turn around soon.


  13. The chocolate cake should do wonders; be grateful that you can enjoy such a treat and still have your health. ‘Been in the cancer scene, and it sucks. Poor friend: hope for a miracle.


  14. Mèo Lười Việt says:

    I don’t hate people with cash. I just hate money worshipers!!! I detest people who use their money to humiliate poor people basely and brutally. I detest people who never help anyone though they are filthy rich!!!


  15. That is a lousy couple of weeks…well, maybe not the cake part. I hope things get better and I vote for the Maple Wine for breakfast for dinner.


  16. loucyo says:

    Wow… Those weeks have sucked. I’ll be hoping for the best for your friend. You still managed to make me smile while reading this so I believe you’re a winner. Best wishes!


  17. Wine and bacon seem to be some highlights there. I think these two things should play a larger part in your life. Perhaps they should make appearances together regularly. Perhaps… you could start a wine and bacon restaurant?!


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