Spider Dreams

spider 1

spider 2

spider 3

spider 4

spider 5

spider 6

spider 8

spider 9

spider 10

Night time can be a very dramatic time for me. Also, I’m pretty sure I just dreamed of waking up and seeing the spider before I actually woke up. My subconscious is messed up like that.

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31 Responses to Spider Dreams

  1. Dude. I was just about to go to sleep. Now I’m FREAKED OUT.


  2. Know the feeling… I do a lot of stuff in my dreams I should do in real life. Then you reach the point where you don’t know whether you actually did it or not…
    Next to that dreams can really fuck you up.


  3. rachelmasterson76 says:

    Haha, love the animation! I hate the dreams where you swear they were real!


  4. speaker7 says:

    I’m with you on that space between waking and sleeping. Weird, weird stuff happens.


  5. rdurnima says:

    Ah, thanks God! It happens with other people as well, I thought I’m going insane 🙂


  6. purnima rd says:

    Ah…Thank God. This happens with other people as well, I thought I was going insane 🙂


  7. My husband actually did this to me, once. Except he woke me up by suddenly flying out of the bed, and then flipping over the pillows and blanket as he looked frantically for the spider that, he finally concluded, had just been a nightmare. Arggh!


  8. I have slept curled up on the bathroom floor, lights all on, for less.


  9. I have HORRIBLE deja vu with dreams. One time I had a very serious conversation with my friend about the wolf that chased us in my car. She looked at me like I was out of my mind, until about 3 minutes later when I realized it was a dream.


  10. QueridaJ says:

    your spider is so realistic….my skin is crawling….i haaate spiders and so of course i dream of them…so i feel your fright… for some reason even in the dark i know the bugger’s creeping on my wall…


  11. meltheunicorn says:

    bhvfdsafbvhajmhdfsj Spiders are such horrifying things. Don’t draw such scary spiders, I’m shuddering with fear just looking at it! *cries* But my bug-terrorized mind agrees that this is very accurate.


  12. Anne Schilde says:

    I dreamed my date bound me to a chair with an endlessly long sash and I imagined him injecting me with enzymes and sucking me out of my skin. That’s sort of like a spider.

    Hey, you passed half a million unicorns a while ago. Congratulations!


  13. Soul Walker says:

    I love the spider drawing.


  14. sj says:

    I do this ALL THE TIME. ❤


  15. loucyo says:

    I LOVE how I most of the time when reading your posts I crack up and can’t stop smiling. I won’t get tired of saying it.

    P.S. – I wouldn’t have taken the chance either…


  16. Dakota says:

    I have that same problem. Exact same scenario too!


  17. Dakota says:

    I suffer from hypnopompic episodes, it’s like being in between the wake/sleep states and having hallucinations. Could be what you were going through. It’s pretty fascinating, you should look it up (hypnogogia/hypnopompic). It gets pretty crazy sometimes for me.


    • Rae says:

      I often get sleep paralysis, where you’re mind is half awake but you can’t move your body yet (which is terrifying). I would probably describe that as more like hallucinations than dreaming. Sleep is crazy!


      • Dakota says:

        It really is, I haven’t had much sleep paralysis. It’s weird to get the sleep hallucinations, because I’m still in control of my body so I can respond to them. I just don’t know that I’m conscious yet.


  18. Midnight says:

    I have weekly wars with spiders. My weapon of choice is duct tape, and my defense the screams of my frightened mind. One of my more recent posts is entirely about how I trap bugs in my room with tape and then throw them in the trash.


  19. Believe me, you can never take a chance on a spider dream/awake scenario. Just move away as quickly as possible.


  20. ahvkins says:

    Reblogged this on ahvkins's Blog and commented:
    This was me last night!


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