Donut Not Laugh At My Jokes


misSTEAK 1 misSTEAK 2 misSTEAK 3 misSTEAK 4 misSTEAK 5 misSTEAK 6 misSTEAK 7 misSTEAK 8 misSTEAK 9

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23 Responses to Donut Not Laugh At My Jokes

  1. kerilady says:

    I love puns! Puns are the best! 🙂


  2. Alice Giddy says:

    Me singing : Donut make my brown eyes blue. : D


  3. Only a heathen wouldn’t appreciate a good pun…
    For the record, it IS a mis-steak…if my 21 year old son won’t finish it, it’s got to be awful 😉


  4. I totally appreciate you! Love it!


  5. Oh, you are appreciated and this is very punny!


  6. QueridaJ says:

    You are appreciated! Puns are an acquired taste =P


  7. Elyse says:

    Apparently you have been hanging out with my husband and I. Only you drew us incorrectly — we’re both blondes.


  8. katyhancock says:

    There was once a mite sitting on a fly’s back. The fly asked, “hey, are you a mite?” to which the mite replied, “I might be”. The fly sighed and said, “you know, that was a really terrible pun…”. The mite apologized and asked, “can you blame me? I just made it up on the fly.”

    I just heard that one and thought you’d appreciate it 🙂


  9. I agree, people who don’t laugh at puns are just not smart enough to get them. Having to explain them takes all the pun out of them.


  10. Eda says:

    One of my favorites, and made by my non-native English speaking husband, upon me being tired and grumpy after work: “The long and whining road.”


  11. Soul Walker says:

    “Get thee to a Punnery” may be a book you should consider.


  12. This was beautiful, bravo xD


  13. girlseule says:

    This is clever, I like it!


  14. I love it! Dunkin donuts are some of the best things on earth, to me. But I think you do have a point here. What’s next? Sausage and egg bagels? Bacon Munchkins? I may reblog this on Friday. OK?


  15. Actually, I think Denny’s has a bacon shake, so you are not far off. So what you are saying is donut eat the mis-steak sandwich? Just want to be sure.


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