How an Elephant Sleeps

sleep 1 sleep 2 sleep 3 sleep 4 sleep 5sleep 5.5 sleep 6

I’m still not sure if I need to buy a new air mattress or become more concerned on elephants’ sleeping habits.

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16 Responses to How an Elephant Sleeps

  1. A tiny elephant? Did she come with the house? 🙂
    (Yes…yes, two-year-olds CAN be passive-aggressive…)


  2. speaker7 says:

    I believe elephants sleep standing up so I can understand why that would not be good sleep.


  3. This is brilliant. Why are all your comics always brilliant? I’m starting to suspect you have a team of writers behind you;-)


  4. We got that costume for Baguette for Halloween when she was two (well, two and a half). She loved it as something to snuggle, and would not wear it. Meltdowns ensued. Our elephant would not have slept at all.


  5. Soul Walker says:

    Two year olds can definitely be passive aggressive. Also, fantastic post. I love the last one with you holding the coffee (I just made it coffee in my mind… I don’t actually know what is in the mug).


  6. I am picturing an elephant standing up on an air mattress trying to sleep. Actually, nothing I picture would be as good as your portrayal.
    Great post!


  7. Lucky for me, I don’t need an actual elephant in my house. The pooch sounds like one every night. Or maybe that’s more like a wild boar. Or a wild boar-elephant hybrid…


  8. My little sister would certainly say something like that! She’s the kind of kid who says ‘I love you!’ while she violently scratches you on the face leaving several bloody marks. But she’s so cute!!


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