trendies 1 trendies 2 trendies 3 trendies 4 trendies 5 trendies 6 trendies 7 trendies 8

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8 Responses to Trendies

  1. I like Trendies better. I’m less likely to spit when I say it.


  2. Hipsters reminds me of Beatniks and Maynard G. Krebs, played by Bob Denver. I know I just aged myself beyond repair.
    Trendies could apply to anyone in any age setting a trend or thinking they are trendy.


  3. Varda Nisar says:

    Shouldn’t the line be “trendies are younger than hipsters” – 7th panel?


  4. Being a hipster is so mainstream these days…wait..


  5. Mal Content says:

    I remember trying to explain the meaning of the word “hipster” to someone who spoke English as a second language. It is IMPOSSIBLE. There is no useful definition of the word. You just flail with images like: “You know, mustaches… and obsolete recording equipment… never mind.”


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